Assignment 5: Event Participation (10%)

”How To Start and Grow a ”Travel-Lifestyle” Online Advertising Business.”

This was an online seminar that was sent to me by a close friend, at first I was really skeptical however with this course and my other experiences, I felt as if this might benefit my study or lifestyle in some way, or could just be a good educational video to kill time since I was free anyways. All I was pretty much thinking was “Why not?”. This seminar was based on how to make a living from the comfort of your laptop, and in hopes that one day you can travel wherever you please and still be able to make money. At first, I thought there was no way, then I search the reviews, and there were reviews on reviews, plenty of referrals and even people showing their results on YouTube.  

Although there were 100 others in the seminar, not one person wrote in the discussion. As well as I did have the e-mail that showed my confirmation for my signup however, it seems to be lost in my e-mail, but I was able to recover a few slides I screenshotted while I attended the 1 hour long live video session.

  • Who did you meet or interact with at the event? What did you learn from that interaction and what did you contribute to the interaction?

Danny Tran is the man behind the screen, he is an independent entrepreneur who uses digital marketing to the best of his abilities in order to grow businesses. Using advanced social media strategies, he is able to provide small and large businesses with resources and mentorship skills in order to keep consistent growth within the company. He illustrates the opportunity for thousands of people and shows them what can be achieved by reaching out to companies and giving them the chance to create profitability.  Danny has successfully built multiple 6-figure companies, and his success continues as he travels worldwide creating his own personal brand as well as creating other companies as well.

I have learned that if you really put the time and effort, you will get where you want. Every company you reach out to is a chance for success, and it never tries to hurt. As I continued to watch I realized, this is something that you will either do great in, or you will fail miserably, it all depends how hard you work, and how smart you work. Companies trust you with their money and expect profitability in the end, if you put the effort, the companies will get their traction, and you will get you cash. If the ads are made well, and you are smart about your analytics, keeping track of your audience, and understand the market, it is a perfect opportunity for self-made entrepreneurs.

Even if I do not continue this as a profession, I felt as if I learned a lot, a lot of similar things I learned in this course about how important it is to follow trends, to pay attention to your target audience, and MAKE CONNECTIONS!!

Not so much a quote, but a screenshot of a slide I found really important.

Businesses are like walking on ice, you never know when it will break. Having someone break down and list out ways businesses fail it a great way to use as a base in order to prevent any of these situations or having to be in a similar situation.

Here is a referral from a past student of Danny:

“3 client appointments in less than a week! To be able to work from anywhere in this world is definitely a luxury.” – Chichi Zhang

Tran, D. (2019)

I could definitely see myself attending something similar, if not himself again as he was very engaging and exciting to watch.  I feel as if regardless if you believe this is a career or not, business can provide you with a lot of tools and resources no only career, or education wise, but as well lifestyle wise. It is always good to learn, and the information that was provided are things that could be used in other jobs, or fields.  


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