Com0014 Blog 7 Personal Reflection

Four down, one to go! What started as something to keep me busy after a new move, has turned into an amazing experience of self reflection and business set-up. A lot of what I have written as part of my Social Media Certificate is now being utilized as I set up my new website for Dandelion Digital. 

Although already experienced in social media for business the thing I really took away so far was about measurement and the importance of tracking what we do, and how it is received. Oh, and lets not forget…APA formatting. 

In this particular course focusing on Communication and storytelling, I truly enjoyed not only reading the work of my fellow “classmates” but reading the comments and encouragement we fed each other. That is the spirit of what we are striving for in our audience. So I guess, in this course my take away is the importance of our audience. 

Photo by Gioavana Thayane on Unsplash

Not just that they are there, but recognizing that we write, not for ourselves, but for them, so understanding where to find them, and what is important to them is how we should structure our content. 

 Storytelling is so important to not only to capture an audience, but to keep them. Our content should be focused to the audience we want to attract, rather then to the masses. Finding a persona, or an ideal client to direct our content to can help maintain a consistency that the entire audience will appreciate. It can also act as a funnel to rid those who are maybe not our ideal person, so that we don’t spend wasted energy on the wrong targets. 

My stories are a reflection of my personality. It’s the only way I can write; as the voice in my head. That voice can carry different tones depending on the subject and its level of seriousness. Fun vs formal. 

Stories will also change when writing for a client rather than myself, but now all I have to do is put into practise what I have learned, and develop their ideal client and the tone they want to portray.

I look forward to learning more as we start Applied Social Media for Business.

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