COM0014 Blog #7: Personal reflection

There were lot of new things that I learned from this course. When engaging with the audience, it is fine to show your personal side. Once you start sharing your personal story, the audience appreciates and connects with you more 

Canva - The Chronicles of Narnia BookIn digital communication, storytelling is an art and key piece for successful engagement. It is a strong foundation to engage and build trust with your audience. Audience would be interested in your content if it is delivered as a story. Identifying your audience and presenting them with information that interests them is an important factor for building trust and network. No one can appeal to everyone, hence segmenting market based on age, demographics, gender, lifestyle and income level is key for successful digital campaigns. Once you have identified your audience, using appropriate communication style to that market is crucial for a successful campaign.  

Consistency in posting is also an important key factor. Though when I saw this course Canva - Green Leafed Plant Beside Books and Mugoutline at the beginning, I was bit overwhelmed with many assignments and blogs, but I have thoroughly enjoyed doing regular blog posting. Thus, by having a schedule of blog posting and sticking to it, is an important factor as your audience gets constantly reminded about you and your company. It is crucial to remember the goals of social media and working towards building trust and awareness, finding interactive ways of engaging with audience and always reminding them to take an action.  

Moving forward, my storytelling pieces will include bit of personal content to connect with my audience. I will connect my own personal experiences with storytelling.  I will use of simple language and active voice as that comes across as being authentic and wouldn’t feel bragging about myself!

Overall, I truly enjoyed this course and I would like to thank Sonia Gibbs for being an amazing facilitator for this course!  

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2 thoughts on “COM0014 Blog #7: Personal reflection

  1. Anuj I have enjoyed sharing blogs with you this course You are right, it can be overwhelming but consistency with both our scheduling and content makes a big difference!
    I hope you are continuing on with the final course

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