Blog Post #3 – Professional Networking Now and in the Future (5%)

Over many years of educating myself, learning new techniques, and playing around with my own content, I accumulated so many pieces, it was time to think of the future and what could further my opportunities. I started my second portfolio, rather than using the one produced for my university application, I decided to remake it with more recent pieces. This is where Instagram became so significant to my life. Social media now was not only a great place to find social interaction, but also a place to show off local work and make connections with people who have the same interests.

Portfolio piece by myself

For example, Instagram is a perfect place to promote your pieces to other brands and companies. By turning my profile into a business profile, this allows companies to directly e-mail me from my account Instagram account, or direct message for easier use to work on collaborations and inquires. The community is not only great for making connections, but it is supper supporting, and this is another community that I am able to share my content with my GCM friends that I’ve become close with. This allows us all to post our content, while still being able to split our personal life from our work life.

Toronto’s culture is centered around business, advertising, marketing, and making money. There is an unruly amount of success driven individuals you get to meet on the way to help motivate and inspire you. The entertainment industry is what I believe started me on advertisements and actually making pieces for a cause rather than just making personal pieces for myself. I had the opportunity to work with some of the most popular clubs in Toronto and learn the process behind creating their mailers, flyers, advertisements, signs and more. It introduced me to a work place where I got to experiment with my interests in design and I instantly got hooked knowing advertising and graphic design was exactly what I wanted for my future.

Flyer made for a restaurant located in Yorkville

Most people in today’s date have platforms such as: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and the list goes on. I would not know which platform my audience uses as I would need time to monitor all my platforms for a longer period of time, however I believe Instagram would be the strongest platform to use in order to increase engagement, and brand growth, and could help provide other potential opportunities.  

Instagram is another great platform I can easily share projects and posts effortlessly through my phone. It will let me engage with my audience easily, while providing me with all the tools I need such as; being able to contact my audience directly through direct message, can take polls to understand what my audience wants, answer questions people are curious about, make longer videos, and live videos to give my audience the full experience in real time, etc. Instagram has turned into the leading platform this year for 2019, and I think most brands should focus on the potential Instagram and other social media platforms provides.

The best and only way to measure your success is measuring your audience and engagements. If you keep up with your audience, keep track of them, notice what gets people talking and excited, this will help you increase your engagements and provide you with better results. Using keywords and hashtags also helps you measure peoples interests so you know you are posting relevant items. The only way to measure your success is monitoring your customers and their needs.

Graphics have become an enormous part of my life, teaching me to grow as a person, and help me determine what I want for my future and what is the brand I represent. Figuring out your branding is a great way to figure out the next step in life, or the goals you are envisioning for the future.

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