COM0015: Blog Post #5: Assignment #5- Event Participation

Photo by ICSA from Pexels

The event I chose to partake in can be found online through a website called DIY Genius. If you go to www.diygenuis.ciom you can access free online trainings where you will gather knowledge, insight and digital skills into different online training programs that best cater to what you are looking for.

The one I chose to partake in is called “Story Tribes: Captivate, Educate and Sell with Brand Storytelling” hosted by Kyle Pearce. If you click on this link, it will bring you to the free webinar that I chose

The reason why I chose this event is because I have learned a lot about storytelling throughout my social media courses and I understand just how important it is to paint a picture, or a story, of what it is you are trying to portray, achieve and have people understand in order to keep people intrigued. We are always storytelling, whether it be through our personal life, or through our work, storytelling helps to create our tribe and build a sense of connection, trust and loyalty with our followers and audience. When you are storytelling, it helps to not only gather and captivate people’s attention, but it also allows them to relate to you which is so important.

Here are some pictures of the event to show that I attended:

Kyle Pearce was in charge of this web seminar, and he did all of the talking. This web seminar was merely just participation by reading and following along, therefore I was unaware as to who else was in the seminar. It felt very personable and intimate which I really liked, and also less distracting. Because there wasn’t a way to contribute to the interaction, I contributed by compiling notes of things that stood out to me that I can use going forward. I learned that I am actually quite a good multi-tasker because I was able to read during the seminar, listen and write notes.

Going forward, I would definitely utilize DIY Genius to do another seminar because it was very informative and educational. I really liked how it was free, user-friendly, and you can do it on your own time without any restrictions which is really great.

Some quotes that really stood out to me during this seminar are the following:

“To build a story- driven funnel that sells your brand story, you need these three things dialed in: you must reach the right audience, with the right messaging that resonates, and offer the right product or solution” – this couldn’t be more true. These three things are so essential when it comes to branding and the online social media world.

Another quote that really stood out to me was: “Great brand stories are based on 3 things: Core values, a mission, and a creative vision” –which again, as simply put as it is, it is so true. I will definitely be factoring in these quotes when promoting my work through social media, or if I was ever to start my own brand.

Some ideas that I have walked away with from this event are the following:

  • Brand stories really help to captivate your audience’s attention
  • Brand stories are shareable and memorable
  • Your personal values are so important and should shine through your work and influence how you share your message

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