COM0015: Blog Post #3: Professional Networking Now and in the Future

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

Networking plays an essential role in the growth of our career. It allows us to gain recognition and visibility, promote our brand, boost our self-esteem by allowing us to be more confident, as well as help build lifelong relationships with other entrepreneurs and business individuals.

When it comes to strategies, I have many in place to help develop my professional networking for both online and in person. I find these key strategies beneficial in building my network experience.

Networking in person:

Know what your topic will be when you are networking with another person. In other words, be clear and concise at what you are discussing, and keep the other person engaged and interested so that they want to know more, or essentially even collaborate with you.

Communicate– communication is key when it comes to networking, especially in person. Be mindful of the words you use, body language that you are giving off, and be prepared to answer any questions that the other person may have. The more confident and knowing you are of what you are trying to essentially “sell” the better people will respond.

Build a rapport with people– The more relationships you have with others, the more people you will have in your networking circle that you can share and bounce ideas off of, share insightful tips and tricks, and even help promote one another’s brand, blog or business.

Ask people for their contact information and follow up with them about any discussions you had during your networking event. It shows your interest and initiative.

When it comes to networking online, I follow the same key tips as I would in person, however the following are also very helpful and good to keep in mind as well:

Be cautious of your wording and tone in e-mails and always be professional.

-Find a personal connection with that person and make it a point to share it.

Don’t be afraid to follow up. If you didn’t hear back the first time, its okay to send another e-mail to follow up because sometimes people get busy!

These tips for networking online and in-person have been very successful for me and I have found that I receive a good response when I follow these tips. I am curious to hear if you have any tips or suggestions when it comes to networking. If you do, feel free to comment in the comments section below!

In the next 6-12 months, the commitments and activities I hope to be attending are social networking events that are based around networking and social media, because I feel as though that will help strengthen what I already know now, may also teach me some new tips and tricks that I can keep in my toolbox. If you live near the Toronto area, this website can show you upcoming social networking events that they have and you can filter through and see if any appeal to you.–toronto/social-networking/

I will also continue to build my Instagram page to continue the development of my networks, and network with other brands or companies that share the same interests and passions as me and see if we could potential help one another help. I firmly believe the more networking you do, the more recognition and appreciation you will get, and the hard work will pay off in the end when you have a big and thriving network.

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