My favourite customer story – Turning disappointment on its head

Disappointment is a fact of life that we all grow up with. Get something you didn’t want for Christmas? Order something online but it didn’t fit? Sure, we’ve all been there. But how often has that story turned around, and when it does, isn’t it the best thing ever?

My friend had booked tickets for a music night, sponsored by a brewery, at a local eatery. It was music featuring his favourite band, at his favourite restaurant, sponsored by his favourite brewery – he was beyond excited. He booked a babysitter, did all the things to get himself ready, but the event was abruptly cancelled the week before it was scheduled to occur. No reason was given, refunds were offered, but my friend was gutted.

As you do in this day and age, he took to social media to express his disappointment. He tweeted at the brewery and the restaurant, resigned to his fate, but still wanting to share his voice and his experience. Low and behold, he received an answer – and what an answer it was!

The brewery reached out to my friend, shared their disappointment in the cancellation, and offered an alternate evening. They welcomed him out to the brewery for a free tour and tasting, and offered to provide a 5-course meal prepared by their in-house chef, to be held at the brewery co-founder’s house. Who could turn that down?

The night turned into a night that my friend couldn’t forget (and he often reminds us of his good fortune). Not every company can offer that, but it is an example for good companies to go that extra mile to replace disappointment with an experience no one can forget!

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