COM0014 – Blog #7 – The importance of storytelling for digital content

How good storytelling drives good digital content

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Listing product specifications, price discounts or service descriptions is not nearly enough to keep an existing or potential customer engaged.

The course taught me that people want an “experience” they can relate to. For instance, Red Bull is not selling its energy drinks on social media, but sharing an “extreme” experience through storytelling using words, videos and pictures that its young and dynamic audience identifies with.

Images: YND, Pixabay free stock

And while each story creates a unique experience, they all reflect the identity of the brand. This identity keeps consistency across all content and platforms.

Attracted by the brand’s identity or “personality”, the audience keeps coming back for more of these unique experiences that stimulate emotions. The audience remains engaged, enabling the brand to create a long-lasting connection.  This connection sets the foundation for a trustful relationship that will eventually evolve the reader into a customer.

This is why good storytelling is so important to impactful digital content.

My story

Images: Pixabay (left), Pexels (right) – free stocks

In my case, it is the story of a frustrated adult ballet dancer trying to change the adult ballet scene in Ottawa.

My blogs, videos and pictures will all share different experiences reflecting various situations. But my identity and values will transpire in all of them, even if the channels might evolve with the feedback I receive from the audience.

The audience, I hope, will recognize its own values, relate to the various experiences, and be enticed to share its own views and engage in ways that will move the needle in Ottawa’s adult ballet class scene.

It will be authentic unique content with shared purpose and values.

How will you use your newly acquired knowledge?

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