COM0014- Blog 6: What excites me to get out of bed every morning? 

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For me waking up every morning is a blessing. First thing I look forward to is my cup of cappuccino and an opportunity to add value to something throughout my day. I enjoy my work and I like to be able to make a difference, measure the outcome and analyze the result of my decision both personally and professionally. For those who know me, will always comment that I am a person who likes to be on the go! I cannot sit idle for an extended period. My colleagues would also comment stating that I get impatient during long meetings and will find every possible excuse to get out of all-day meeting.  I am a lifelong learner and always keen on learning new and improving my skills. I look for new opportunities in my day and making a difference in someone’s life in a tangible manner.  

In some previous jobs I’ve had, I have worked under a manager whose leadership style coffee-3025022__480was a micro manager. I don’t enjoy when a manager micromanages me as I feel that I am unable to perform to my full potential. I try every day to avoid that and when I believe in mentoring someone, allowing them shine and grow to their fullest potential. My experience has been in field of hospitality where I have had the ability to touch other people’s lives and enhancing their experience and where rarely two days are alike, each day has its own challenge. Making a difference in someone’s life motivates me to wake up every morning.  

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