What is KOL Marketing?

KOL(Key Opinion Leader), is a new brand testimony developed along with social media. As consumers’ attention thresholds are getting higher and higher, KOL is one of the means by which brands attract attention. KOL is not the same as the influencer. KOL needs to have more professional knowledge. The fan group has certain special attributes and has a certain degree of trust in him. The influencers are more focused on entertainment, and the audience has a relaxed mood to see. KOL is more likely to get the trust of its fans.

The reason KOL is concerned is because they can provide some guidance to fans in the vertical field, or play a role in guiding consumption. KOL is growing up with social media. With the verticalization of social media, each social platform will have its own KOL.

Image by EVG Photos via Pexels

In fact, the most successful country to use KOL marketing is China. The KOL marketing is so effective in China now. The variability and diversity of the Chinese brand marketing market has always been a very important research direction in brand strategy marketing research. With the rise and development of social marketing, KOL’s marketing is gradually regarded by the brand as the top priority in social media communication.

The reason why KOL Marketing works in China is because KOL interacts with its followers. They have the ability to make things trend, and this is the power that brands should seek to invest. Many Chinese do not trust the information published through traditional marketing channels, and the solution to this problem is KOL. The products they recognize represent their personal brand, so they don’t make decisions that harm their image. Therefore, more and more Chinese people choose to trust KOL, and there are a lot of successful cases.

Image by Pixabay via Pexels

The influence of KOL is closely related to their position in the market. KOL is the leader in the social closed loop, and their opinions not only can influence consumers, but also provide strategic guidance for branded products. Therefore, the role of KOL in brand marketing cannot be ignored. Would you consider using KOL marketing to promote your products? What do you think about the future of KOL?

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