Jazz up your Instagram!

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In this blog, we are going to dive in to 4 key components of making Instagram a more successful platform for the ultimate influencer mind!

Doing Instagram Polls is a great kick start to seeing followers reactions, and input on what content they want to see! On Instagram, we are able to ask a question with 2 answers for users to click on! If we are posting many makeup tutorials, asking users through a poll which creation they want to see next keeps the audience be involved and spreads word on the account! After the poll, the followers will be anticipating the new post and look forward to keeping up to date with future postings!

Personal Image via Instagram

Collaborating with another brand is key to gaining popularity, not just for ourselves, but for other businesses. Often when we are just starting, brands will reach out (or vice versa) to post alongside us! Keeping it always related to our brand! Example, if we are all about hair, a scrunchy brand or hair care is likely in our favour! With that, realizing that not every opportunity is in our favour, making sure we stick to the theme! If your followers see that we are using certain hair care, while we are running a hair care profile, the trust of quality will start to form!

“If you have the opportunity to partner with another brand that has a similar target audience, this can be a great way to increase your exposure across social media platforms. The goal is to choose a company that is not a direct competitor but whose audience may also benefit from your products or services.”

Karen Smith on ’18 Fun Social Media Marketing Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Campaigns’.

Be open to aswering questions! Many people in the Instagram world will be inspired to start their own! Having fan followers who love our brands and want to be more connected are going to reach out! Be welcoming, show them why creating content is fun, and encourage them to start up! On Instagram, there is an ‘ask me a question’ sticker! Use it to its advantage!

This can also encourage jumping on trending topics. Whatever is popular at the time, using it to its advantage, and staying up to date with what is popular at the time, that also resonates with the followers!

Personal Image via Instagram

Creating tutorials and live stream videos related to your brand will involve more viewers, “…based on a survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex, 60% of users stream and watch videos whether they are live or not, even those random videos?” (Karen Smith on ‘18 Fun Social Media Marketing Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Campaigns,‘) Everyone loves watching how-to videos and tutorials in their spare time! Whether the Instagram is makeup, fishing, or baking, creating visual content that followers can watch on the bus, or before bed will heighten popularity, and cause our profiles to show up more on the popular page! The impact of a follower enjoying video content will attract them more to click on our profile, and want to watch more!

Buzzfeedtasty via Instagram

This all makes our followers feel like friends. They are more active in our lives by asking us questions, participating in live streams and answering our polls! Using products we advocate, and creating (for example) the make up look we posted, creates trust and an Instagram bond a follower will talk about! Having followers feel like our friend will put our name out in the world, and ultimately help make us the successful influencer we aspire to be!

If you are inspired to create the ultimate influencer Instagram, click my references links! https://bit.ly/2VZ1Rrq , https://bit.ly/2JkbGfz , https://bit.ly/2xPjVZq … Enjoy!

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