5 Ways To Use Social Media To Enhance Your Community Event

Via Soo Zombie Walk Facebook Page

I recently joined my local Zombie Walk committee, and we recently held our 10th annual event on Saturday the 19th. It was a lot of fun and ran smoother then I was preparing myself for. I had only joined about a week before the main event for this year, so the only place I could really help with was the social media and digital advertising part. I had a very busy week of posting and engagements for an event of over 300 attendees. Here’s some tips I learned from my fast training and experience over the last week.

  1. Post frequently: According to online marketing helping website Oberlo, the more you post the more page engagement you’ll receive. Post all your advertising, reminders, countdown, fun related content like polls or memes, and everything else applicable to you. Try it out and see what content goes over well. Try posting at least 3-5 times per week for Facebook, at least once a week for Instagram, and a few times a day on Twitter.
  2. Make an event: Setting up an event page on Facebook is a great way to advertise online. Facebook sets recommend events for nearby people or people of same interests, giving you a cost and care free way to get your word out. Facebook also has an often popping up reminder feature of notifications for anyone interested or going to your event. There’s also the visitor posts feature that gives anyone interested in the event a way to ask any questions that you can answer without filling up your DMs messages.
  3. Use popular platforms in your area: Only utilize platforms you know your attendance is at. Facebook is generally common for any age and geographical range, Instagram is good for Gen Zs and Millennials, Twitter is good for more of a news style event or for a wide range of people geographical, Linkedin is good for business type events, etc. Know your target audience and where they look towards for their information.
  4. Boost posts: Some to most platforms have some sort of boosting feature. This is where you can pay a set by yourself amount of money to the platform for them to advertise your event posting. You can set to specific demographics to pick your best target audience. It’s another effortless way to let the computing do all the advertising work for you, you spend maybe 30 minutes maximum setting up your data and it’ll be continuously done for you.
  5. Continuous engagement: Continuously be talking with your audience. Active engagement and conversation back to your followers leads for best feedback and people willing to do more research into you. People expect easy information and fast replies. Active engagement could be liking and replying to your feedback on comments, posting semi-related content (zombie meme-what’s your weapon in the zombie apocalypse?) and asking for replies, constantly answer DMs and encourage questions and conversations. People are more willing to support a cause if they think the business or page stands for respect and general friendliness.

Overall, with the active engagement we had some of the best page feedback that week week then for a while previous. The event went quite well and I spent my time throughout the event running around and adding to stories and answering DM questions.

Do you have anymore suggestions on how to use social media to help with community events? I’ll be doing the same thing next year and would love any more tips anyone has to offer!

– Ferreira, M. (2019, August 20). 15 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement Quickly. Retrieved October 20, 2019, from https://www.oberlo.ca/blog/social-media-engagement.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Use Social Media To Enhance Your Community Event

  1. Sounds like your event was a success. We also use Facebook to post our events and one of the things that i plan to use in the future for boosting events is to use the Facebook Live while at the event to generate buzz for the people who maybe wanted to come but didn’t know what it is about . Good luck with next years event

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