Can employers check your social media?

Social Media can be a fun place to post photos, funny quotes and help to keep in touch with friends and family.  It has become a great outlet in the past for me to vent my feelings, however as I have become older, I have also become aware that potential employers as well as my current employer may be looking at my Facebook profile.  I have cleaned up my social media and only post family photos and keep my “feelings” to myself.

according to Business News Daily, around 70% of employers now use social media as part of their screening process for job candidates. This is an increase from 2016 when about 60% of employers looked at social media.

Job applicants often apply to employers through social media sites like LinkedIn, and sometimes they are expected to have at least one social profile.

Should you be worried?  In my opinion, it might be best to do a bit of Profile Housekeeping and tidy up your social media.   Untag yourself from unflattering photos and delete questionable old posts.  Do not post risky photos or questionable “jokes”.  Be sure to pay attention to what you are posting and you may want to increase the privacy security settings on your social media platforms.

Most employers check these profiles for many reasons.  One reason might be to verify who you are and your credentials.  Another reason is to see what kind of person you are and an employer doesn’t want to see social media posts that are inappropriate and go against company morals or values.

In closing, it might be a good idea to take a look around your social media platforms and as mentioned earlier, do a little social media tidy-up.


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4 thoughts on “Can employers check your social media?

  1. This is so true. I know when I hire subcontractors for the short-term, I definitely look at more than just their portfolio and resume: I try to see what they “say” on social media and what groups they’re interested in. I think this is also valid for new clients I consider working with (do their values reflect mine? do they run against mine? do they have a good relationship with other people they are connected to professionally?), as well as trainers, mentors, and instructors I work with (have they been a trainer for a long time? Is their communication style one that I respond well to?). I think it’s important to embrace social media with the consideration of the number of eyes that might have access to your posts, which underscores the importance of a social media strategy.

  2. It is so important to keep social media accounts clean and postive because you never really know who is sneaking a peak. I know in past positions that is was common for the employer to take a look at employees social activities. In one case someone was fired for calling sick and then posted pictures on Facebook of herself at a Blue Jays game that same day. Social media is a wonderful tool…when used responsibly and correctly.

  3. This are some great points! I know so many people that didn’t get certain jobs purely because of their social media accounts. Definitely makes me want to re-evaluate my profiles. Thanks for the info!

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