COM0015 – Strong and Weak Organizations

The companies that I think are standing out in the social media world are Molson Coors Canada and on the complete opposite spectrum Sephora.


I have always had a love for make-up; it stems from my mother and her love of expensive makeup.  I can remember rummaging through my mom’s makeup drawer to test out all the new freebies she had gotten from making the minimum makeup purchase from The Bay or Sears makeup counters.  It was usually Lancome or Shesado.  I would try my luck and sneak the makeup bag it had come in; she only had like 100 of them.  She wouldn’t miss just one.

Naturally, as an adult, Sephora was going to be my favourite store to shop.  The reason I think they do social media so well is what they offer,  teaching, humour and community.  Sephora, on a regular bases responds to comments on social, most questions about beauty.  They incorporate humour with a witty, relatable voice when responding and publishing memes with humorously relatable messaging.  Sephora has a community of followers that they find ways to engage with them around beauty

Sephora is on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Kik, Wishbone and SnapChat.  Each social channel serves a different communal purpose, which requires different delivery types of content. On Instagram, they use live, stories and posts, focusing on the quick eye candy. On Youtube, they post long-form educational content. They use Facebook and Snapchat for event coverage and Wishbone for polls and quizzes where customers vote on things like their preferred beauty looks.

Molson Coors Canada

What Molson Coors Canada does right is promoting national pride.  We Canadians love to show our pride for our country, and capitalized on that.   Its award-winning campaigns combine the effective use of video with a sense of national pride. Its video featuring branded beer fridges left in random locations across Europe that dispensed free beer to anyone opening them with a Canadian passport added around $6 million to the company’s bottom line without any increase in the marketing budget. The fridge has proven a powerful branding symbol.  Savvy marketers successfully tapped into the growing sense of national pride emerging in Canada and topped this with the feel-good factor of getting something for free.

The trick for Molson will be to keep the symbol fresh: The fridge is already in its fourth year, and with alcohol consumption habits in flux, the big brewers are facing a bigger fight to convince people to keep stocking their fridges with beer.

Company that needs some help with social Media: Hambrgr

I have written about this in past posts.  Hambrgr is a locally owned restaurant company with its home base in Hamilton, Ontario.  My husband works there as the Director of Operations thus why I started following them.  At first, their social media looks great, the images are very eye-catching with lots of colour and delicious-looking food, but that is ALL they post.  I would like to see more videos, behind the scenes, maybe of the chef cooking a juicy burger, I want to see who works there, more interaction with the community in maybe a form of a contest.  Thye are also located in the heart of the downtown district so the opportunities are endless to interact with the community, maybe even do a chef collaboration with another restaurant or offer lunch specials as they are so close to office buildings.  Unfortunately, they post to sell, and that is about all the post for.  From my understanding they use a social media company as well, so I’m not too sure how they are falling short.

One thought on “COM0015 – Strong and Weak Organizations

  1. I love Sephora. I used to think they were overpriced and gimmicky, but have since come to terms with ‘you get what you pay for’. I follow them on social media as well and I agree they have customer service down. I love that they give free samples for anything that you want to try. It makes it more palatable to spend $100 on an eye cream if I know it’s going to work. It is interesting that you also picked Molson Coors. I did my social media project on that company. Their ‘I am Canadian’ beer fridge is one of the top marketing campaigns going. It is very memorable and hits on a personal note with Canadian’s everywhere. We are a proud nation and don’t mind telling the world. Hambrgr could learn a thing or two from both of those companies. It is funny that many small companies don’t realize what they are missing out on when they choose not to invest in social media marketing.

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