COM0014 – Blog #6: I’m an adult and I do ballet…or can I?


Photo: YND

A frustrated adult ballet dancer

Dance is what I do. Not as a school student, although I graduated in ballet from conservatory near Paris, France. Not as a job either, although I used to perform professionally in the U.S.

Ballet is my favourite hobby and has always been part of my life, in Paris, Washington, DC or NYC. In Ottawa, however, this part of my life has dramatically changed. Finding a decent advanced ballet class for adults has been quite a frustrating journey.

Adults are either considered as total beginners or as people looking for some exercise. This translates into adult classes that give a taste of ballet or ballet “workouts” such as ballet barres. As if no sane adult could enjoy ballet the way they would enjoy the gym.


Images: Pixabay (left) and Pexels (right)

On a mission to improve adult ballet offerings in Ottawa

But I want to change that.



Images: YND (left), Pexels (right)

So now I am on a mission to try ballet studios in Ottawa and share my experiences with an audience of adult ballet dancers ranging from beginners to advanced and professionals. I will raise the issue with each ballet studio I go to. I will gather momentum through my blog and, hopefully, encourage many adult ballet dancers to return to dance studios and request more advanced classes.

Eventually, I hope to form a group big enough to encourage the opening of new adult ballet classes for all levels, especially advanced dancers whose momentum was stopped by a lack of opportunities.

Are you ready to go back to dance?

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