COM0015: Blog Post #2: Strong and Weak Organizations

When it comes to impressive social media strategies, two particular organizations stand out to me the most. First and foremost, Dove has been on top of their social media game with their impressive branding, impactful brand messaging, commercials and advertisements that I feel as though we can all relate to. They definitely push their limits and comfort zone by bending the stereotypes that society try’s to push on us, by branding themselves as a company that speaks to all shapes, sizes and colour. Personally, I believe they are killing the social media game, constantly impressing me, and I truly feel as though they fit into the category of an impressive social media strategy. 

Another organization that seems to be on our TV’s, stuck in our head, and is advertised so well, is Wayfair. Not only do they have a commercial that you can’t get out of your head because their slogan is catchy and intriguing, they also have everything you could possibly want from home décor, furniture, bedding, and much more. Wayfair has teamed up and collaborated with online social media entrepreneurs, which has not only gained them more recognition and buzz, but has also skyrocketed their sales. I am an avid Wayfair buyer and I can also vouch for their excellent customer service team. They are quick, efficient, supportive and truly understanding which is what makes their social media strategy and team so effective. 

An organization that I feel needs to adopt a better social media strategy would have to be a big fashion company called Dolce and Gabbana. The reason being is because they made a huge, huge error in the social media world, calling their customers “fat” by posting a shoe that had writing on it that said “I’m thin and gorgeous.” Personally, I don’t think I would ever waste my money or time on any of their products, and I feel as though they are going to have a lot of re-branding to do because of their seriously offensive marketing campaign. It speaks to me on so many levels because it boggles my mind how somebody could be so sensitive for such a worldwide, popular fashion company. 

When it comes to an organization that I think would benefit from a better social media strategy, I feel as though Snapchat could benefit. Yes, they do have some advterising, but they also went through a ton of backlash when they released a game called “Would you rather” and had the face of singer and celebrity Rihanna up there with the caption “Would you rather slap Rihanna” which ties into her abusive relationship with Chris Brown. Needless to say, they need to work on what they put out into the universe because as much as people love the use of snapchat and have fun with it, it is important to be mindful and empathetic when you are such a big organization, to ensure a huge and insensitive fail like this doesn’t happen. I think they need to focus more on just being a fun and interactive app where people can send pictures and videos back and forth. As much as Snapchat is a fast and growing social media platform, they still aren’t as quick, efficient and popular as Instagram as they are really only a mobile friendly app. I’m curious to hear what organizations you feel as though would benefit from a social media strategy as I had a difficult time trying to narrow one down because social media is so huge and impactful in our society today and everyone is using it.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

5 thoughts on “COM0015: Blog Post #2: Strong and Weak Organizations

  1. oh my gosh WAYFAIR, I just recently ordered from them because it is everywhere you look and now that I have visited the site their ads are on every site I visit. I also had a hard time with finding a company that could benefit from a social media strategy I ended up picking a local company.

  2. I love Dove’s social media branding/marketing. I love how they use body positive imagery to promote their product and beliefs. I am raising 4 girls so it really speaks to me how they portray that every shape, size, colour, fitness level etc are all beautiful. Impressive campaign and impressive social media uses.
    I have seen the Wayfair advertising on social media, but I haven’t tried anything from the store. I love on line shopping though so maybe I will give them a try.
    I read recently about Snapchat’s offensive ads. It makes you wonder who came up with the idea. I mean who in their right mind would think it was ok to make fun of spousal abuse? I like Snapchat, but don’t use it much. My kids all use it and I think it is a cool app. You are right that they have so much more that they could do to improve their media platform. Keep it fun. Keep it in line with the people who use it.

    • Thanks for your feedback 🙂 I am so glad you love Dove just like me! When raising any children, especially girls, enforcing body positivity is so important- I am sure you are doing a wonderful job raising them 🙂 We are all beautiful and unique in our own way- and what we see online, especially through social media, is not always what we think it is. It is easy to compare ourselves to others- I am guilty of it- however beauty is within in my opinion 🙂 I am an avid online shopper because of how convenient it is- you should definitely check out Wayfair- they have everything! As for Snapchat, I can’t believe they are still so popular after that very offensive ad- I hope this is a lesson for them!

      Thanks 🙂

  3. This is a very interesting post as we need social media to interact with others around the world and create an awareness to are page. Its all about being consistent and being able to communicate with are client and building positive interactions.

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