The Negative Impact Social Media Has On Young Men

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Do You Think Social Media Is Pressuring You?

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Social media affects young men as much as it affects young women. Yes, this is true. Men of this generation have been taught from the day that they were born to show no emotion, reaction, etc. to anything that may negatively affect them. Basically, toughen up, guys! Everything from advertising the ideal male with broad shoulders, big muscles, and of course a six-pack to making yourself to show off whatever you can to prove you’re just as good as that multi-millionaire male. This is pressuring to men in general.

Body Image –

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Your friend is quite built, he gets much attention from whomever he desires the attention from. Effortless, it almost seems. You, on the other hand, are struggling to lose weight to, well AT LEAST be skinny. Good enough, isn’t it? No, you want to lose weight first, then you want to workout six days a week, four hours a day, and be one of the most muscular men in your city. While you think it through, it seems too easy. But to put the effort into beginning this journey, it doesn’t add up. You’re still upset over the fact that certain guys have these perfect bodies, and they look so effortlessly more attractive than you. So, you give up. Your confidence goes down even more than it already is, you stay miserable scrolling through these posts of the fittest men in the world. They seem so perfect. Just scrolling through posts and shared images can decrease a man’s confidence. Social media is very pressuring to even the most built men in the world, they all want to be the best. They were raised to have this mindset. That just adds more pressure to one’s self-worth.

Popularity –

Many men using social media feel pressured to be very popular. Popularity = confidence, attention, success. This is what many men desire to have. Having more comments, likes, and shares from your post than someone else does make you feel more successful and further in life. If you have popularity you’re obviously more important than someone who has less popularity than you. WRONG, it may be true in this social media fantasy many people strive to have, but at the end of the day are you benefiting from all this effort into pushing your popularity? In your saddest moments do you think your followers are going to be by your side during this experience, NO. People seem to post their happiest moments on social media because that is what people want to see. No one wants to see someone posting about their mental health, because our mental health doesn’t exist on social media. Men must always be happy on social media because being popular means you’re living your best life, right? WRONG. It does seem that way when you only share your happiest moments, but no one can be happy 24/7 because of the popularity they have on social media. It all fades away at the end of the night. Popularity may make a man feel more happy because of all the comments and likes, but it does hurt to know you aren’t truly expressing yourself on social media, you’re just following the trend.

Success –

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Success to a man feels like with this success you can do whatever and get whatever as long as you have a story to back it up. Flashing your $15,000 Rolex must make you feel more successful. After all, money = all the ladies and men you can desire… Sadly, there are people out there that will go for a more successful man just for all the stuff he can offer that your average five-days-a-week 9-5 man cannot. Men that have more success feel they can get whatever they want because of their success. Success = less stress? Maybe, but not everyone is THAT successful and flashy. Men feel worthless compared to the really rich, flashy men on social media. Men feel pressured to put on this successful persona of their life and may exaggerate it a bit just for social media and looking more successful than others. Men do feel more pressured to be flashy than other men when wanting to attract someone. Sometimes these people that are deeply affected by social media forget what a real conversation is like because talking about their own success teaches them to only talk about themselves. Men are pressured to be seen as more successful than they actually are.

Hopefully, this article explains some points on why social media negatively affects men just as much as it affects women. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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