COM0014- Blog#5; Personal Brand

According to, “Personal Brand is an image you’ve created around your own professional self. It should represent a combination of skills and experiences that are unique to you (and not your company or product)” We often get confused as to how you can brand ourselves and not sure about you, but I find it very hard to reflect upon myself and write about it. If you don’t believe me, close your eyes and write down few lines on some unique skills you have or what your coworkers will say about your top skills? Hard isn’t it?  

I am an influential leader, a great planner and listener.  I like to plan in a way where I Canva - Close Up Photography of Yellow Green Red and Brown Plastic Cones on White Lined Surfacethink as to how my decisions today will affect me in future. I enjoy working and have strong work ethic. I perform well under pressure and always get my projects done on time and within budget. I don’t enjoy sitting in long unproductive meetings or in traffic as I feel my time could be used in something more productive. I am type of a person who is always on the go!  

I am always keen and interested in improving my skills and knowledge. After I finished my MBA from University of Guelph in 2014, I have been thinking as to what to do next. Currently, I am taking part time online course on social media as I believe social media is new form of marketing in today’s world. I do know how to use social media for personal use but perhaps not from a business perspective. I am always interested in taking a lead on new projects at work, where I will gain more knowledge in areas where I have limited experience. I am always keen on learning new skills both practical and academic. I consider myself as a life-long learner.  

Origami shipsI highly believe in teamwork and team spirit and enjoy building strong relationships, where I enjoy going out of way to help others. I believe my colleagues would say that I am reliable with strong work ethic and a great sense of humor. I get along with everyone and when working under tight deadline and pressure, I am an asset to have on the team. I also believe in empowering my team and letting them make decisions that will affect their work.  

What are your skills? Can you talk about yourself in public about amazing skills you have or in other words, can you brag about yourself?  

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