Blog #5-Brand New Me

For some people, art is everything; it can be a career, a passion, an appreciation, or maybe you cannot relate to art at all. Everyone experiences life in their own personal ways, and not one-person experience’s events the same way as another individual. These experiences, passions, and appreciations are what construct your brand, they create who you are.

After many years of learning about myself, and my interests, I finally have gotten to the point where I have found a medium that still provides me with an outlet both for my artwork and dream career. Combining today’s date of high-tech technology, and my own creations, I was introduced into the career of Graphic Design.

Now, let’s rewind a few years back to the beginning where it all started…

I went to Ryerson in 2016 to begin my life and studies as a graphic design student in a specialty program called Graphic Communication Management or also known as GCM. I persisted three years before realizing the expenses of Toronto, as well as not loving my program as much as I had thought. Graphics is still my passion; however, the curriculum was not to my liking, and did not provide me with the knowledge, or experiences I was expecting.

Although I did not like my program, I still had to opportunity to meet an unruly amount of success driven individuals, allowing me to stay motivated and inspired. The entertainment industry is what I believe started me on advertisements and actually making pieces for a cause rather than just making personal pieces for myself. I had the opportunity to work with some of the most popular clubs in Toronto and learn the process behind creating their mailers, flyers, advertisements, signs and more. It introduced me to a work place where I got to experiment with my interests in design and I instantly got hooked knowing advertising and graphic design was exactly what I wanted for my future.

This is where Instagram became so significant to my life. Social media now was not only a great place to find social interaction, but also a place to show off my work and make connections with people who have the same interests. By turning my profile into a business profile, this allows companies to directly email me from my account Instagram account, or direct message for easier use to work on collaborations and inquires.

What makes you stand out?

I am a perfectionist; if it is not right, I will make sure it is right. I believe that my previous experiences and skill will make me stand out in the future and if a client is not 100% happy with the results, I will make sure to put all efforts to ensure my clients are pleased.

Goals of Branding

Graphics have become an enormous part of my life, teaching me to grow as a person, and help me determine what I want for my future and what is the brand I represent. As Tom Peter’s states in his article The Brand Not You, “Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding”. Figuring out your branding is a great way to figure out the next step in life, or the goals you are envisioning for the future.





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