3 Benefits of Instagram Influencer’s

Image by Sophie Suchan via Instagram

It is very apparent that social media has taken over the world; not just personal, but for major companies as well. Social media has become a staple for companies to use as a cheaper way of advertising. Not only can companies post content whenever they want, but it is now easier than ever to capture more attention, to the exact target audience. Companies have now resorted to ‘Instagram Influencers’ as a way to market products. The brand trust, audience, and quality of photos are now being put in to the hands of Instagram experts! Which is one weight off a company’s shoulders.

The trust between influencer and follower is very personal. For many followers, an influencer is like a distant friend. Unlike large companies, influencers can live chat, do polls, answer questions, and be ‘real’ with their audience. Much like a friend, followers take influencers recommendations, and have trust that what they are advertising will be beneficial and great quality. Followers are more engaged to what their favourite influencer is wearing rather than the ad that popped on to the screen. It is also a great opportunity for companies to have influencers market their products because in todays age, many people have the ‘what what you have’ mind set.

Image by Jeff Wittek via Instagram

Reaching a target audience has never been so easy. Companies can now pick & choose the influencer they would like to have promote their products. Basing it off of age, gender, and lifestyle. Because of who the company has chosen, the chances of reaching each specification is higher due to the influencer and their following. From this, it allows the followers to see products they would be interested in, and look at what brand was represented.

“You don’t have to spend additional funds on testing and finding your audience – the influencer has already fostered this audience on social media.”

By Travis Huff on 6 Big Benefits of Using Influencer Marketing in Your Social Strategy

Having quality photos for minimal cost is a bonus for any company looking to advertise. Influencers are not only focussed on promoting a company’s brand, but they have to promote themselves in a positive light too. Having great quality content is at the top of an influencers mind. From high resolution, perfect lighting, and posing, the post will be impeccable.

“Traditional advertising is expensive, as a lot of money goes into creating the ad, buying ad space, etc.

But influencer marking can be a lot cheaper.”

By Shane Barker on 7 of the Best Ways Your Brand Can Benefit from Influencer Marketing

By using these influencers, the search for camera crew, models, and editing is gone. Plus advertising costs become extremely low by only dealing with one person who is visibly capable of doing an amazing job.

Image by Jeffree Star via Instagram

No matter the advertising, if it is out in the world, it is being seen. Why not market the easiest and cheapest way, by the people who do Social Media for a living? Having an influencer by our side to do the heavy work, while our business is thriving benefits not only the company, but the reputation of the influencer as well. Remembering that the influencer & followers are here to support the company, so the responsibility of trust & support must be reciprocated. Giving the influencer the freedom to create content they trust will have followers reacting positively.

If you owned a company, would you look for Instagram Influencers to help advertise? Do you think Influencers are the new age of marketing?

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