5 Ways To Use Instagram In A Healthier Mindset

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Likes, likes, and more likes. It’s 2019 and everyone’s obsessed with the likes. Why? What happened to our psychological thoughts about pictures that their usefulness depends on a dumb little number of people, strangers included, clicking a little button on your photo. I was one of the last people in my class to get Instagram, I just graduated Grade 12 and I didn’t get Instagram until the end of Grade 8. I remember the first situation in my life where likes mattered. This time in grade 7 a girl I barely talked to in my class randomly messaged me on Facebook and asked if I could like her new post on Instagram. She messaged a person she barely knows to get more likes because thats “cool”. I can honestly say I still do and never have understood the love of likes. I originally used Instagram as a fandom account and now I use it just to post memories of activities. So, I challenge you to care less about ‘likes’ and to just enjoy the app. Instagram is a wonderful app to get inspiration and actually enjoy content on the platform in a completely recreational way. Here’s 5 tips on how to use Instagram in a healthier way.

  1. Don’t have a posting theme: Some people like to stick to a very specific posting way to make an aesthetic look when scrolling on their feed to make it look “pretty”. Instead, post whatever you want it doesn’t have to match anything or be in any kind of order. Post anything and anything really whatever about your life you want to post you can. When scrolling it may not be as pretty to look at, but it makes your feed more personal to you.
  2. Follow not just the popular accounts but some inspirational ones: It’s okay to follow the Kardashian’s if you like them, but don’t follow the big accounts just because you feel like you should. I personally follow a lot of gothic fashion accounts because the outfits and styles inspire me. I follow content I enjoy seeing no matter how random it is. I follow some celebrities, some hair stylists, some movies pages, some local news pages. I like having a variety of things in my feed that I know I’ll care about looking at the content they post.
  3. Use it as a memory folder or photo back up: I use Instagram as a memory folder. I post good experiences, not for others to see but more for me to look back on. I don’t use snapchat and my photos is a mess of meme screenshots and pictures of my cat so I never go through it. Even if you want to keep some personal I have some in my archived (a feature where you can hide pictures posted to your account from the public, but still keep them in your account) just as a memory look book.
  4. Make a meme or fandom or spam account: Maybe try changing up what entirely you post or look at, make a separate account from your personal like a fandom account for something you’re passionate about like Supernatural the TV show, or a meme account, or a spam account where people post pictures they wouldn’t normally post to their main because it’s not as professional, but still gives them a platform to share anything and everything.
  5. Don’t worry about the likes: The healthiest change you can make while using Instagram is to not worry about the number of likes. The number of likes you get on a post in no way justifies it’s importance. We as a society have justified the coexisting of likes=popularity and well that makes no sense to me. I personally have never cared about likes, I understand likes are just a number and I know I don’t know or follow many people and I only post things for myself not others. Instagram recent posted an experiment hiding the number of likes on certain countries’ feed and I think it’s and interesting feature for them to try out.

Overall, It’s easy to make a few life changes to use Instagram and any other social media platforms in healthier ways. It really isn’t about the likes and it’s important to post things that YOU want to post for yourself and not for anyone else. Tell me, what do you mainly post to your Instagram feed? I post memories from my life, mostly of my boyfriend. I don’t post very frequently usually a month or so. I also post my fashion outfits on my stories often.


  • Fitzgerald, Madeline. “Instagram Tests Hiding Likes for Users in 7 Countries.” Time, Time, 18 July 2019, time.com/5629705/instagram-removing-likes-test/

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