COM0014 – Blog#4: Who do consumers really trust?

Photo by John Schnobrich

Would you believe that most millennials and Gen Zs use social media to do research on products before making a purchase!

Social media outranked retailer websites and price-comparison sites in terms of which media channel consumers place their trust in. These social platforms have changed the way brands and consumers interact, placing ownership on companies to be authentic, respond directly to consumers’ concerns, be accountable for mishaps, and to be relevant.

Photo from Marketing in the Age of Digital

One brand that has seen much success due to their social media activities is Wayfair Inc. If you haven’t heard of the online furniture giant, it is an American company that sells home goods. In recent years, it has expanded from a two-man operation to a large-scale business employing over fourteen thousand people and generating over four-point-seven billion dollars in revenue!

While Wayfair engages customers on a multitude of social media platforms, most of their efforts are put into Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. With advertisements and content targeted at millennials (like me) and Gen Zs, who are moving into new homes and apartments.

Image by Kasasa

Despite Wayfair’s largely spanned target audience due to the vast products they offer (can you believe they offer over ten million items!), the company has truly utilized the social media platforms where its consumers are spending their time. Early adopters of new social media features, such as videos and Instagram’s shopping feature, has kept this online retailer competitive with other large furniture brands.

In my opinion, the company has done an excellent job at creating consistent feeds on their social media platforms without becoming repetitive or dull. The decision to follow bright, colourful themes with a mix of different types of posts (beauty shots, animal photographs, lifestyle photographs, videos, extra) has served them well. Furthermore, Wayfair has done a great job increasing consumer engagement using questions and humour in their posts, with many people commenting or tagging friends.

Photo from

t’s clear from the numbers, Wayfair certainly knows how to utilize the power of social media. With no brick and mortar stores, the company relies solely on their online presence. I know I’ve been a consumer in the past, and I am confident I will be in the future!

Have you ventured to Wayfair Inc due to an advertisement or post you’ve seen on social media?

Does Wayfair Inc. online interactions give you confidence in the company?

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