Blog 4: Fast Fashion, Fast Outcome

Fashion Nova being an American based clothing brand, specializes in media targeted promotions and advertisements. Active Instagram users are bound to come across Fashion Nova models, influencers or advertisements and because of this ongoing method they are easily one of the highest successful clothing brands to date. Fashion Nova creates reasonably priced dupes of higher end clothes; focusing on women’s fashion and now expanding to men’s clothing as well.

With 15.9 million followers, one of their main sources of advertisement is Instagram, using the platform as a tool to promote their products and services to certain demographics based on searches, followings and age. This tool not only gives them the volumes they need but has branded their company as one of the most known Instagram brands to be seen online. Many artists will even go to measures of mentioning the company in songs, at no cost.

It’s clear that Fashion Nova’s goal is to be a known brand, and they used one of the top social media platforms to an advantage to get their company out there. Fashion Nova posts around a post every single hour of everyday, they run 24 hour 7 days a week, with no breaks on ALL platforms. They publicized their clothing to a younger audience in the hopes that this specific demographic would push market growth. Not only did they easily build brand awareness but the increase in sales represent the positive growth that the company has gained in the past few years.

I took some time to calculate the volume and numbers for Fashion Nova by using my RRS feed, and Google adwords, and was able to track the most popular google searches for certain categories in relation to fashion and clothing. Evidence that I found was that Fashion Nova is in one of top 3 hashtags for fashion and overall just the company has a volume of over 4 million different searches. The fact that Fashion Nova was only founded in 2006 and already in such high demand, Google’s top searched fashion brand and in collaborations with celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Cardi B, they are keeping track of their target audience just right. Fashion Nova takes control of the dominant role they play in online shopping and fashion.

Image result for cardi b fashion nova instagram

(Kylie Jenner advertising for Fashion Nova jeans,

They keep all their posts upbeat and exciting, as they always keep you up to date on all their new styles and deals, they have supreme customer service and are available on their website, on Facebook, or through direct message 24/7!



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