COM0014 – Blog Post #4 – Red Bull Speaks Its Audience Language


Image: Pixabay free stock

My 13-year old son is an avid freestyle skier who is just as active in real life as on social media. I saw him ask questions to Full Tilt Boots (outdoor sporting goods) on Instagram, which answered pretty quickly. Full Tilt Boots and Lines, a ski brand, both liked some of my son’s ski videos, which made him feel really proud. In fact, for this season, my son asked if he could be equipped by these 2 brands.

Clearly, social media interactions worked. But my son is also one of Red Bull’s 12 million Instagram followers worldwide, while he never asks to buy these energy drinks. So I decided to study this brand to better understand why it would benefit from my son following it without selling its drink.

Focus on the experience: Young and furious



Images: Pixabay free stock

According to Pew Research Center, 85% of teens use YouTube, 72% use Instagram, 69% Snapchat, 51% Facebook, and only 32% use Twitter.

Red Bull is active on all these platforms and even offers specialized channels on YouTube by type of sport, including Red Bull Snow.

The content is about the adrenaline experience in various forms: on snow, in the water, in the air, dancing. It is never about selling the drink. The young crowd can identify to their favourite athletes, skiers, sports, attend Red Bull events in their real world knowing it will be exciting and fun, transferring the fun from social media to their own reality.

The strategy is successful: Red Bull has 48 million followers on Facebook, 12 million followers on IG, nearly 9 million subscribers on YouTube, with thousands of views, likes and shares, providing outstanding brand awareness in the target audience: 16- to 30-year olds. This translates into dollars, with revenues up 8% in 2018 to USD6.5 billion, making the Austrian brand that “gives you wings” the 71st most valuable in the world.

Do you interact with brands on social media?

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