COM0014 – Blog #3: The epidemic of online shopping

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Have you ever chosen the convenience of shopping online versus walking into the brick and mortar store?

If your answer is yes, you wouldn’t be alone. While I personally never enjoyed shopping in the past, browsing for products online has become a new found interest! I am no longer surprised to find myself ten pages in on a Wayfair search for cushions or sucked into the hot trending deals on Amazon. Browsing endless item options from the comfort of my couch has a real allure.

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I, my friends, am a millennial. I was sure that others in my generation would be like minded on their shopping preferences. However, I was shocked to find out that research performed, (such as the analysis done by Verto), pointed out that the majority of heavy shoppers are in fact Generation X (35-54 years old). No surprise though was the finding that online shopping was particularly popular amongst women, who comprised 52% of all online shopping activities.

So, what does this mean for online marketers who want to target heavy online shoppers? It means they need to use appropriate tools and strategies that target the “super shoppers”. That 47-year-old female who spends a monthly average of 44 hours shopping online.

According to WordStream, the best tactics for marketing to Generation X are the use of direct mail, being present in video content (such as advertisements in YouTube videos) and be present on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter! Can you believe 80% of this generation reports to being on these online social platforms despite being so busy!

What tactics have you seen from companies targeting online shoppers?

Are you an avid online shopper as well?

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