Blog #3- People Just Like You

A target audience is a group of individuals who are categorized by certain demographic information. Discovering a target audience means finding out what people like, what they are interested in, and if there is a probability of them buying your engaging with your product.

Companies usually use information such a gender, age, location, income, education and the list go on, in order to organize everyone in categories.  

In order for customers to feel compelled to a product, or service, they need to relate to the brand or company. The most efficient way to not waste time or money, is knowing who and what goals you are targeting, because there is a larger probability that this consumer will interact further.

According to Steve Harvey an author for Fabrik, “users on WordPress are producing about 82.6 million new posts a month.” That is an excessive amount, and it is understandable why it is so easy for brand’s advertisements to go missing or lost. If these advertisements are being wasted on people who do not relate to the topic, it prevents the people who would be interested in the advertisement from seeing it.

I believe that a brand’s target audience is most usually consumers who are similar to the people running the brands. When looking at my blog, or other social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram etc. Majority of my following revolves around young individuals as myself, who have the same interests and are mostly all from America (Canada, or the USA). Which is great, because it is so much easier to connect with people who have the same or similar interests.

Target audience allows you to focus your message on a demographic that would most likely willing to buy or interact with you, people you can relate with, as well as a group you can create interest with.


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