COM0014 – Blog Post #3 – Audience Target: Ballet Isn’t Just For Little Girls


Photo: YND


My favourite hobby is ballet and I have danced my whole life. But in Ottawa, I have been discouraged by the low quality and high cost of ballet classes offered to adults, which are generally geared towards beginners, as suggested by the results of searches on Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Frustration around adult ballet is not just an Ottawa thing, as a recent article in Dance Magazine suggests. In Ottawa, however, it is aggravated by the lack of options relative to large cities like Toronto.

So I am creating a blog to raise awareness locally through relevant and engaging content, and eventually build up momentum for a better choice of adult ballet classes in Ottawa.

Audience demographics

adult ballet

Image: Pexels Free Stock Photo

Given the purpose of the blog, adults are the primary audience, regardless of ethnicity.


The age range is between 25 and 80, based on my lifelong experience in ballet studios abroad and in Ottawa.

The audience is overwhelmingly composed of women, but should not exclude men.

Audience Psychographics

The blog is geared towards university students, working professionals, as well as retirees.

This is generally an active population, which would be interested in reviving their ballet skills, start their dream of learning ballet or practice ballet at an advanced level.

Communication tools and strategy


WordPress Blog

The main element of the strategy would be a blog with relevant content, such as the Adult Ballet Hub, and have it referenced on Facebook and

Facebook Group

I would create a Facebook (FB) Group for Ottawa adult ballet, as adults are particularly active on  (FB). Research indeed suggests this would be the best platform to reach my audience target, including older adults. It would be the primary platform linking to the blog. FB is a good place to compare experiences through comments and sharing relevant content seen elsewhere. Adult Ballet Diaries, with more than 3k followers, is a good example.

I would also create an Ottawa Adult Ballet Group on as another way to assess local interest and be proactive in the dance community in Ottawa. I would include links to the FB Group and the blog.


Success would be measured by the degree of engagement via post shares, likes and comments on FB.

The progression in the number of followers on FB and members on would also be a relevant measure of success, as would participation in meetings.

Would you have picked different platforms? I would love to her your suggestions!


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