Wading Through a Saturated Industry: A Producer’s Perspective

September. 23, 2019 – Matthew Toner

Photo by Tanner Boriack on Unsplash

Piercing hi-hats, hard hitting kicks, and sharp snares; today’s music culture is brimming with new producers, or beat makers, seeking to be the next Metro Boomin. Unfortunately the harsh reality of the modern music industry for these non-established producers is the vast majority will never get more than a few hundred plays, let alone sales.

The barrier to entry is lower than ever before as equipment such as mics and audio interfaces get cheaper, along with software becoming more accessible and powerful. Combined with a plethora of free educational resources online such as YouTube, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out among the ever growing sea of bedroom producers.

“Nowadays the internet and computer-assisted music offer everything you need to make music and to share it. But on the other hand the music industry is so saturated that you barely have a chance to carve a space for yourself.”

Dead Sea – LANDR blog – 09/01/15

So how does one succeed in an over saturated market? “No matter how crowded your industry, even if it’s full of major brands, you can achieve success by setting yourself apart,” says Angela Stringfellow, Chief Ideation Officer for Coda Concepts in the American Express article. Angela also mentions the importance of change. In the same article Seena Sharp, founder and managing director of Sharp Market Intelligence, states that “[c]hange is a synonym for opportunity. If you don’t know what’s changing—with your customers, competitors, distribution channels, alternative uses, features and more, your customers will buy from those who do.”

It’s safe to say innovators who go above and beyond the call of duty, trying new things to move the industry forward are the producers which succeed, not those who follow in the footsteps of others. Such as how the revered Kanye West changed hip-hop; not by releasing cookie-cutter beats, but by making them his own and through reading his audience and exceeding expectations.

So get back in the studio and innovate.

Share what you make with the #prodinnovation hashtag for a chance to win a copy of Ableton Live 10!

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