Social Media v.s Reality

How do you perceive someones life based on their Instagram account? I’m sure 10x better than what it truly is, as it’s just a highlight reel of their life.

When they go on vacation, they post it. A fun moment from a Friday night out, they’ll post. A  picture that they look flawless in, it’ll get posted. You won’t often see an ugly photo at a bad angle, a caption about a mental health struggle, or a video of someone alone doing nothing.


 It’s understandable though. Even before social media, our parents wouldn’t go to school on Monday and boast to their friends about how they spend Sunday night alone, crying in their room. Everyone would be sharing the highlights of their weekend. I’m sure at some point in elementary school your teacher went around the class on Monday asking each student to share one thing they did on the weekend. Nobody ever talked about how bad it was, they would simply say the one most exciting they did.

With social media amplifying the sharing of positive life events, it becomes a dangerous situation. People often use social media to keep up with the lives of their friends, family and celebrities they like. This means they only get to see every time one of these people travel, reach a milestone, buy a new car, take a beautiful picture or something along those lines. They’re missing the full story of these people’s lives and get a very skewed idea of how it truly is.

This is damaging when we start to compare our lives to the “lives” we see all the time on social media. It’s easy to compare all the things we don’t like about our lives to how seemingly perfect these  other people’s lives are based on what we see from social media. It’s a very unfair comparison but it’s so natural to do it without us realizing it.


Although it could be a positive change, I don’t think the route of the problem will change. I personally don’t expect any of you to start posting your failures, unattractive pictures or boring days on social media and stop sharing your highlights. I only ask that if everyone is going to continue using instagram as their life’s highlight reel, make sure you look at everyone else’s profile strictly as that. Remember, what you see isn’t always realistic, so don’t look at someone’s instagram profile as how their life truly is. Never compare their highlighted reel to your real life!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this. Let’s discuss in the comments below 🙂

Social Media vs Reality! #fake #2faced

Why is my life so much worse than everyone else’s? It’s not always what you think it is:

10 thoughts on “Social Media v.s Reality

  1. For my son in law he has actually done the opposite in his struggles with mental health he has been very social about posting his challenges and trying to get people to look at people who suffer mental health and anxiety differently. It is challenging though I agree because people don’t generally want to put out all their bad/different persona for fear of rejection.

  2. I agree that people in general that use social media do tend to only post the positive aspects of their life. I think posting anything positive is great! Social media is a great source to keep others updated on the highlights of your life. I believe not many people post about the sadness, anger, disappointments, and otherwise happening outside of social media simply because people don’t want others to think differently about them and rather have people believing their life is all about the positive things. When people only see the positive highlights of others’ lives on social media they tend to compare that to their own life, but most people don’t share the negative highlights so people compare someone else positive highlights to their own negative highlights. Social media is a great place but dangerous as well. Thank you for sharing your blog. This caught my eye!

  3. Thank you for sharing such a thoughtful post. This is such a relevant topic! I’ve been noticing a shift over the past year where people have posted the real version of the picture instead of the altered, or shared the difference with their audience. I look forward to the day when the things we see online actually match up to the real-life version.

  4. This is an important thing to remember when using social media. Nobody’s life is perfect despite how it looks online. In my undergrad I had an assignment where I interviewed an influencer and she reiterated many times that her life is not as glamorous as it seems on instagram. This phenomenon reminds me of a quote from Steve Furtick: “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel”

  5. It’s so important for people to realize they are seeing the “highlight reel” of other people’s lives on social media. I struggled for a long time with a certain individual portraying a life of absolute perfection. Vacations, beautiful clothing, the perfect selfie every time…it was exhausting trying to keep up with all the amazing things going on in her life. What was I doing so wrong that I couldn’t have a lifestyle like that? Reality sank in when I was at her place one day and watched her take the perfect selfie…50 times before there was one good enough to post. Not only that but she confided the financial troubles she was having and that her lifestyle was supported a number of credit cards that were maxed. Her real life was nothing like the life she portrayed online. It opened my eyes and made me appreciate my life for what it is. No fluff or filters…it’s real and messy and perfectly imperfect!
    Awesome blog. Thanks for touching on such a great topic!

  6. Excellent Blog. Yes! So many posts on Social Media highlighting the fabulous life that someone is experiencing but doesn’t show the negatives in their life. I love seeing posts of people when they post the negatives. It is something for me to actually relate to.

  7. I totally relate to this blog I was in high school recently from 2015-2019 and I had such a fake perception of social media in Grades like 9-10, I posed for selfies that I didn’t want to take just so I can post them because that’s what everyone else was doing, I’d go around liking n following EVERYONE from school whether or not I talked to them because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do. Later on I learned to accept I have a boring social media life haha. I posted only things I wanted to like my cat or an art piece me and my boyfriend made together. Social media really aint “all that” about sharing only the greatest most brag worthy parts of life sometimes its fun to post funny and useless stuff just because I want to post it and not for anyone else.

  8. Totally agree. It is always nice to see someone enjoying their life, sharing beautiful photos on Social Media, but it gets to a point that people are missing out on their vacation just to get an Instagram worthy photo. It becomes less interesting, and too much boasting. It’s all lighting, angles, and centre of attention! I think people forget the line between being genuinely happy with their life, and trying too hard to enjoy their life.
    Great post, makes you think! 🙂

  9. I totally agree! I am always trying to tell my daughter that the pictures she sees on social media are almost always altered! I am at fault most of the time for always having my phone in my hand taking pictures and posting them. I have really tried in the last six months to be present during our vacation and not hiding behind a screen.

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