4 Tips for Vacation Planning Using Social Media

Earlier this year, my husband and I travelled to Morocco on a two-week vacation. Initially when we began to plan our Moroccan trip we were overwhelmed; but navigating on social media for this task made it much easier and fortunately much cheaper.   

Image via https://creativecommons.org

Would you believe the cost of our trip was less than the cost of a one week all inclusive beach vacation to the Caribbean?  Yes, this is possible and using social media to plan your vacation makes it easier than ever. 

The following tips for using social media will help you save money AND still allow you to cross off your bucket list, that vacation of a lifetime.

Image via https://creativecommons.org

Start Gathering Ideas

The best place to get ideas for vacationing is from those who have already travelled there.  Get the best bang for your buck by looking for vacation ideas on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Other great review sites are Trip Advisor and Yelp.

According to an article from Stackla in April 2019, http://bit.ly/2m0qUwy 86% of people have become interested in travelling to a certain destination after seeing social media images from friends, family and peers.  Validating this statistic, the article also notes that 89% of people would post about a positive travel experience.

Build Your Itinerary First

Once you have some ideas formulated, an itinerary will assist you in putting together all the details.  I like to start my planning a year in advance of my travel date.  There are plenty of free vacation itinerary templates available to get you started.  Using a template will help ensure you don’t forget any of the crucial details.



Plan Your Flight Well in Advance

Great deals on flights are available and can be accessed quite easily on social media.  I like to use a site called Next Departure https://nextdeparture.ca/.  They find cheap flights that are unadvertised or are ‘mistake’ fare deals.  Once you subscribe to this site, you will receive emails whenever there are flight deals anywhere in the world and for various airlines.  You can subscribe via main social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Book Reasonably Priced Accommodations

Booking accommodations doesn’t have to be expensive and blow your budget.  There are so many different options for accommodations all over the world that are much cheaper than a hotel and just as luxurious.  Renting a home, apartment or condo is extremely easy and budget friendly using sites such as Airbnb https://www.airbnb.ca and VRBO https://www.vrbo.com.  These sites provide you with reviews of the location and details on your host that ensure you pick the best option that suits your needs.

The benefits and rewards of planning your vacation with the help of social media are significant.  For me, Morocco was the trip of a lifetime and the sites, culture, people and experiences will not be forgotten.  

Don’t miss out on your opportunity!  What’s on your bucket list?



Links to other information for social media vacation planning:


4 Tips for Vacation Planning Using Social Media http://bit.ly/2m8NSkT
4 Tips for Vacation Planning Using Social Media http://bit.ly/2m8NSkT

6 thoughts on “4 Tips for Vacation Planning Using Social Media

  1. Sounds like you had a great vacation Tracey! There are so many uses for social media, and it seems from your experience that it can be very useful for planning trips. I use social media in a similar way but on a smaller scale, looking at things to do around where I live. I like to see what food people post from nearby restaurants, or see the views on different hiking trails near me, etc. It’s a great way to see your options ahead of time instead of regretting your choices later. My friends and I are considering a trip to Europe, and we will definitely be using social media as an information source when planning!

  2. That looks like a wonderful vacation – thanks so much for sharing your tips and tricks. My little family loves travel too but with two little kids it can get expensive for the four of us. I will definitely check out your website recommendation for cheap airfare. I hadn’t heard of that before. Great blog post!

  3. Great & helpful tips you provided! I love the idea of using AirBnB (and similar to)! It’s like a mini home away from home! I find it is always so tricky to find attractions in big citys, which is worth it, and ones that I could skip; Social Media is so helpful with trip advisor, and even posting on FB if any friends have recommendations!
    Great blog, looks like you had a great trip as well;)

  4. This was a great read and very helpful. Just last year we booked a trip because we found a bunch of great deals on flight and stays we saw on Facebook

  5. I enjoyed your article–very informative. When I think of planning a vacation, I’m always overwhelmed with the options and information available. I don’t know where to start so often don’t end up going anywhere. I like the idea of having an itinerary and did not even realize there were templates available for that purpose. I will definitely have a look at using one of those.

  6. What an amazing adventure! Great read! I will definitely keep an eye on Next Departure when booking flights for our next family vacation. I think some of your tips and tricks would be beneficial for me at work as well. As an Executive Assistant I book travel for staff and our board some of these sites would be beneficial in the workplace as well.

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