The Transcendence of Marketing from MadMen

Photo by Immortal Shots from Pexels

The days of print, television and radio advertising aren’t over entirely-but they have dwindled in importance to product marketers looking to capture an audience’s attention. Big companies that have an established following over the last hundred years, are not going to establish a Facebook page, for instance, that is unrecognisable to customers.

As a sales veteran, I am learning to transition my insight into the advertising medium on which we depend more and more, of-course the internet.

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

As the age of 50 draws nearer for me, I am looking forward to being to bring my years of sales experience to the table, brightened by a certificate in Social Media Management and take my career in a whole new direction. Whether I use it for my own business, am contracted for SMM or contribute to a larger company, I find that I have a knack for seeing trends and forecasting. I have had many business ideas over the years, and have seen them all brought to fruition by someone else who had a similar idea. So, I’m ready to take a chance on myself.

I am particularly interested in the “rag trade” and how fashion will cope as the world’s dumps become more clogged with clothing. Consignment will certainly play a greater role in future fashion shopping but what happens when you just can’t find something to fit or that is in good enough condition for that interview, special occasion etc.?

As I continue along in this course, you will see a “green” thread in my topic and business selections. Last course, I sang the praises of the Tushy Portable Bidet and am very interested in the business strategy of Miki Aggrawal, the CEO. So much so that I’ve bought her book.

Be sure to tell me if you think I’m crazy!

Me and “Jack” from Another Chance Wildlife Rescue for whom I officially foster

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