Why do we need added filters on our pictures?

So I may be in my forties but in my mind I don’t see myself as being out of touch with social media, a little slow (it may be an age thing) but definatly not out of touch! I do my very best to stay on top of all the new apps and sites that our kids are using. But according to our children “I have now idea what I’m talking about!” when it comes to Snapchat, and you know what? I may have to agree with them on this one!

Is it just me, or do the youth of today have little or little to no in person communication skills? They have no idea how to communicate face to face anymore. What is a handshake? What is eye contact? Social skills are becoming extinct to this generation! In our house, Snapchat has seemed to have created three zombies! From the time they wake up till the time they go back to sleep their phones are stuck in their faces. I don’t for the life of me understand the fascination of adding filters like dog ears or borders of flowers, or using voice changers just to send a picture to say hello or ask to hang out. Why not simply just send a simple text or call? But apparently I this is a normal way for kids to communicate these days. I have also found that when the kids get lazy they just snap a picture of their legs or feet, or even the floor and attach their caption, what kind of laziness is this? Once again back to my original question, why not send a simple text message where there is no extra energy required, just type and send, avoid the whole picture.

I have recently added the Snapchat app to my phone. The kids think its weird that I have it. My only use for the app is to try and show them how redicouasly crazy they look using it all the time for communication purposes. So now I send them crazy little messages like, supper is ready and time for school, just to try and show them how silly it is!

Here are a few links to help inform us old folks (parents) about this new found facinaation called Snapchat

Has Snapchat taken over this generation? Will I ever get my Zombie children back? Please tell me it will get better!!!

Snapchat…..parents need to be more aware of what their children are doing with it!

Snapchat…..parents need to be more aware of what their children are doing with it! #snapchat #parents #socialmedia #zombies

7 thoughts on “Snapchat…..WHY?

  1. Haha, your thoughts are interesting. In fact, I think these filters are just for fun. . . Don’t worry about your children using them, children of different ages are not the same way to entertain, and the filters you use are really cute.

  2. Like you, I use Snapchat to communicate with my zombie children because it works! I connected with your photos as I too have a stock just like them in my camera roll. The filters are a great way to get the kids’ attention. At this point, I’m a huge proponent of making the parent-child relationship work, however we can… even if that means getting on their level and using snapchat to call them for dinner!

  3. Hi!
    You make some very interesting point about snapchat being the main form of communication these days. I have seen this through my younger brother who I’m pretty sure lives on his phone haha! But I think it depends on the generation honestly, I’m a 2000 baby, and I like to think anyways that I know how to communicate with another living person (although I definitely have my moments). Great blog!! šŸ™‚

  4. This was an awesome blog! Both my 50 year old parents have Snapchat! It is nice to stay in touch through photos if someone is on a cool adventure out of town!
    With your social skills comment, obviously depending on if you’re introverted or extroverted, in a way I totally agree. I had 3 job interviews this week and 2/3 were online interviews… No face-to-face? SO WEIRD? All videotaping my answers, or a questionnaire? Is the new generation switching from personal one-on-one contact to all online? …weird?

  5. I hope the Snapchat filters are more of a novelty. I don’t quite understand Snapchat either which is what let me to your article. You can send messages in so many different ways and Instagram has basically copied the story format so I really don’t see the point of adding another app. But I think it’s important to understand your target audience and use the social media that they are using. People on Snapchat are not always on Instagram and vice versa.

    And I’d just like to add to the comment above about the job interviews. I’ve had four interviews over the past 6 months and NONE OF THEM asked me about my talents or job history. One interview asked for 3 words to describe myself, then two words, then one word. It was really strange and frustrating. Does my work history not account for anything?

    In another interview I did, I was rejected on the basis of a “Lack of Teamwork” when teamwork was the fundamental core component of my current job.

    In the world of instant communication, people are losing the ability to communicate.

  6. Your kids are sadly gone…Zombified by the prevalence of Snapchat in the younger generations. They grew up using it, whereas I grew up transitioning to it. Even though we are supposedly the same generation, I can see a huge gap between those that went from CD players to Spotify to those that grew up with Netflix and Youtube.

  7. Although my kids are too young for a phone of their own, they do enjoy the filters on mine, Communication has changed so much makes me wonder what will happen in the next few years,

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