COM0011 – Are We Crossing The Line Between Meme And Reality?

Everyone likes a good meme to look at, a funny picture with a dumb joke to give the reader a good chuckle. Memes have been a part of internet culture since the early 2000s with iconic OGs such as “Charlie Bit My Finger” or “Ermahgerd” memes. Memes have evolved from basic to the weird uncomprehendable but still funny humour of today. There are different levels of memes like the Facebook mom minion memes or the fad memes like the Minecraft ones at the moment. Although memes are all fun and jokes they are starting to cross into reality and affecting our personal IRL decisions. Meme culture has evolved to such a weird level that do we even know where it ends?

Retrieved from USA TODAY Youtube video titled “Ermahgerd! Meet the woman behind the famous meme”

Anyone remember the strange olden days of Harambe a few years back? The random story of a Gorilla being euthanized that made its way into everyones hearts? Ya that Harambe, the one that like literal thousands of people voted for in the write-in spot in the last US presidential election. How does that even happen? A meme that was entertaining the first like day it existed lived on to affect peoples lives? Or in more recent news the Area 51 raid. A Facebook event went viral with the joke “If a big group raids Area 51 they can’t stop us all” and in September of this year hundreds to thousands of people showed up with joking signs and costume attire (sourced from the trending Twitter page). People spent actual money on gas and plane tickets and costumes to provide a joke? Or did they really want to participate in an illegal action?

Image Via Buzzfeed News

What does this mean? Are memes evolving into an invisible line between real and online? A good thing coming from this is memes create trends which could bring social awareness to a problem and could bring people and communities together (like to clap those alien cheeks), but a bad side to this could be that we might’ve had a deceased Gorilla as a US president. It’s all fun and games now but really, one day could we go too far with internet nonsense?

Image Via Twitter user @greg_price11

Tell me what ya’ll think in the comments. Do you like internet meme humour? Do you think memes are funny social media jokes or just plain dumb? Do you think one day we could vote a meme as Prime Minister? Now lets just sit back and see where the internet takes us…

6 thoughts on “COM0011 – Are We Crossing The Line Between Meme And Reality?

  1. I agree that the way the world’s going we could definitely take memes to seriously in the future. I don’t think a meme will be voted President by any means but I do feel that people will eventually just communicate their feelings through memes instead of actually talking about how they feel.

  2. Most internet memes are harmless. I’m sure you have heard or seen the “Karen” memes as they have been around awhile. My daughter likes to send those to me on occasion and I find them humorous. I think if we keep in mind these are fictitious, no harm is done.

  3. I was laughing and smiling through out this blog. I love good memes. I think when they get taken too seriously it can cause issues, like a joke being taken too far at christmas time. Light-hearted memes to laugh at while scrolling through Social Media is such an innocent day-maker! Why not keep the memes coming!?

  4. What do you meme? Most memes are silly and harmless but of course there will always be someone out there with not so silly intentions looking to propagate hatred or something innocent taken to a point of no return. Loved this post made me laugh but also think about the potential harm.

  5. As others have said, memes can be a great source of harmless entertainment for the masses. But I’d be lying if the fact many actually arrived for the ‘raid’ of Area 51. People were willing to spend their money, as well as their time, on a meme. Absolutely blows my mind.

  6. i am totally agree with the point that these days people are very curious to know about the upcoming rather than of the real news. They are making fun of good news as memes these days.

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