Wanderlust – Travel Blogging 101

I’m sorry to say, but that dog-eared copy of Frommer’s England ’91 on $50 a Day that your parents have gathering dust on the bookshelf just doesn’t cut it anymore. Lucky for you and thanks to the internet, a quick Google search of any destination will provide a plethora of options and itineraries to suit any travel appetite or budget.


Image via Abe Books

Welcome to the world of travel blogging

The world is your oyster, so to speak. It is so easy, thanks to a few strokes of your keyboard, to find your real-life version of ‘choose your own adventure’. You can find tips, tricks and experiences you can only dream about. Ever want to swim with the dolphins while you snorkel in Costa Rica? There’s probably someone out there who has done it! Ride a camel in the Sahara desert as part of your month-long vacation in Morocco? There’s a custom tour for that!

In 2015 Garrett Gee, then a student and soccer player at university, sold his mobile scanning app to social media giant Snapchat for $54 million, leaving him and his partner Jessica wondering what to do next.

“A new house and cars didn’t feel right,” he told PEOPLE at the time. “We didn’t need that stuff. We were young, healthy and really didn’t need much of anything. So we started joking about putting our money in savings, selling everything and using those funds to travel the world. As we began to add more plans to our bucket list, it just became real.”

Though most people don’t make millions so early in their careers, Garrett and Jessica quickly turned their joy for travel into a business of their own.

Travel blogging 2.0 – ‘The Bucket List Family’

My father is from a small island in the Mediterranean, Malta. Not many people know it’s a country onto itself, let alone a region rich in history dating back to 4000 B.C. So when I was spending time on Instagram one day and I came across The Bucket List Family visits Malta, I was intrigued. That’s how I first learned of their little family, their trips and their many adventures still yet to come.


Video by The Bucket List Family via YouTube

Of all the travel blogs I’ve visited over the years, The Bucket List Family’s is certainly at the top of my favourites list.

They’ve mastered their social media accounts, particularly their YouTube channel and Instagram accounts. For Instagram specifically, each family member has their own account, in addition to the family one:


Image via Instagram





Their own personal brand

They have become so successful in their niche that they have been able to establish themselves as their own brand.

logo , colour, branding

Image by Garrett Gee via Dribble

You can purchase products with The Bucket List Family branding on it, you can subscribe to become part of the Bucket List Friends (which gives you exclusive access to special travel deals, top secret tips and tricks to travel) and receive invitations to friends-only expeditions. They also use their reviews of locations, hotels, accommodations and tours to sponsor their trips.

What makes their blog stand out from the crowd

The Bucket List Family have an incredible catalogue of adventures. They’ve travelled the world and have visited 65 different countries before settling on their home base in Hawaii.

Through their many posts, video blogs, journals, Instagram pictures, videos, and interviews, are highlights from their trips with their family to push themselves outside of their comfort zones.

They make videos that are interesting and purposeful, and present their stories in a very personal light.

They tell you all about how they got started.  How much it cost them to start off on their first adventure. They explain how to grow a successful social media channel and even delve into the music they use in their videos. They also share personal details such as how they keep in shape while on a trip and what it’s like to travel with kids and babies!

You name it; they have probably talked about it.

They provide recommendations for a variety of things on their travels. This includes restaurants, airports, gyms, breakfasts, inspiring movies, desserts, and quotes.

They even show you how they pack for any length of travel, with dedicated sections on their Pinterest page.

Images by The Bucket List Family via Pinterest


Even though they’re seasoned travelers, they’ll be the first to tell you that things aren’t always rosy on the road. They keep it real and share some of the downsides of travel. Things like waiting around in airports, sleep deprivation, long layovers, unexpected delays, travelling with a young family, and so on. They also talk about real life experiences and mishaps while travelling, like that time Jessica got stung on the face by a Portuguese man o’ war on a trip in Tonga or when Dorothy ended up in the emergency room in Thailand.

Blogging in style

The Bucket List Family’s video and photography skills are excellent. Not only do they share breathtaking photos of their destinations, but they have amazing quality video with use of different equipment both above and below water. They use drones to support their filming and they’re committed to keeping their followers up-to-date with regular posts from all of their social media accounts.

The great thing about travel blogs like The Bucket List Family as well as travel blogs in general, they’re a platform that doesn’t go out of fashion – as long as they’re current. Unlike the Frommer’s 1991 print edition I mentioned earlier, following travel blogs with current information means you’ll still be able to eat at that top-rated restaurant in Paris, even when they move locations.

The Bucket List Family also encourages their audience to reach outside their comfort zones and create their own adventures, their own bucket lists. They show how they can travel, have fun and still help others along the way.

Images by The Bucket List Family via Pinterest


What travel blogs do you frequent or recommend? Where are you headed on your next adventure? Please share in the comments!


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16 thoughts on “Wanderlust – Travel Blogging 101

  1. This is so handy for anyone looking to travel! Many sites can tell you about their trips, but rarely you find actual people, actual footage, and real time reviews! This will be helpful for me especially come April when school is done!
    Love the blog you chose to write! *Cheers!*

  2. I have found social media and travel blogs to be very helpful when planning a vacation, although having a backup paper book is great for when you don’t want to pay for data! When planning my recent trip to the UK this past spring I frequently found myself checked the blog Hand Luggage Only (https://handluggageonly.co.uk/) for recommendations. I am definitely interested in The Bucket List Family’s tips on how to start a successful social media account as I have started a travel blog (https://canuckgoesoutside.wixsite.com/website) and related Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/canuckgoesoutside/) to work on my writing and content creating skills, shameless plug I know. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog. I have to say, I am going to now have to write a bucket list. lol. I am going to have to follow this family as well. Very cool. They really have made a great personal brand. Your topic was a great read. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love travel blogs, they give so many new and refreshing ideas to travel and potentially new out of the box options to do or see when away. Thanks for sharing, I’m definitely going to look into the bucket list family!

  5. What an interesting blog. Well done! I wish I had the adventurous spirit and the online know-how that family has. Overall I haven’t traveled much but want to in the future. Maybe travel blogging is something to try in the earlier years of retirement.

  6. In fact, I really like to watch bloggers share photos of their trips. First of all, I can enjoy the beauty of the world at home, which is amazing. Secondly, through the blogger’s travel advice, I can also make a plan for the next trip. I think that being a travel blogger is so good, although not so relaxed, they are doing what they want to do while still making money.

  7. I enjoyed reading your blog especially since I love to travel. I have been to many of the Caribbean islands as well as a few great snowboarding mountains. I might follow this family to get some inspiration on the next place to travel to.

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