COM0015: Blog Post #1: Tools and Sources

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Social Media has come a long way in its advancements making it harder to keep up with the latest trends, updated apps, and current social media trends. Everything we could possibly want to know, read, hear or listen about is at the tip of our fingers, and as easy as typing a few words into google and the information that we want pops up. It is so accessible, intriguing and fun! 

There are many social media trend listening/monitoring tools that are of interest to me personally. My top two favourite would have to be the following two:

  • Keyhole– this social media-monitoring tool gives you a complete run down on how your brand, company or account is doing. Keyhole provides tracking for your hashtags, Instagram page, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, keywords and much more. It provides you with all of the data you could possibly need, to ensure that you are on the right track and that people are engaging with you, intrigued, and coming back to see what you post next. This social media-monitoring tool does most of the work for you so it is seamless, and effortless, and also offers a free trial so that you can get a feel as to whether or not it is a good fit for you. I’m curious if anyone is familiar with this social media tool? If you are, feel free to comment in the comments section and let me know!
  • Hootsuite– Hootsuite is amazing. Not only does it let you set up your posts and schedule them for when you want them to go live, it also tracks your performance to give you insight and a breakdown into how many people were engaged with what you posted that day, what time of day it was, and gives you an overall progress as to how you are doing. It is insight for big name brands or even brands or companies that are just starting out because it gives you a feel as to how you are doing. 

When it comes to the best sources of news and updates that interest me, my favourite two would have to be the following:

  • Twitter-  twitter always has up to date information, important news events trending, and is always full of the latest headlines. Personally, whenever I am on Twitter, I always get current information anywhere from the latest weather report, celebrity gossip, update on a current case or trial, and much more. I enjoy this as a source for news and updates because it is easy, accessible, quick and user-friendly. If you type in something on twitter, whatever it is you want to know about, thousands of tweets or hashtags pop up about that topic giving you a whirlwind of information.
  • Google News- Google news is a great source for updates and news because it always has the latest breaking stories for you to read and follow, as well as has categories that you can click on. For example, sports. When you click on this category it will give you current information and news on this specific topic. 

The reason why these tools are my favourite, and I prefer them over other popular social media monitoring tools and news sources, is because they are easy to access, you just have to download the app or type it into google which takes a couple seconds, and because they are always accurate, up to date, and on the ball with having the most precise information. Both Keyhole and Hootsuite are great for monitoring your progress on social media by creating reports that you can analyze to see where you are at, and they are my favourite because I have personally used them. In regards to Twitter and Google News, they are both places where I have sourced information from for a long time, and have found them to be very accurate and quick, which is why I keep going back.

Social Media has many different monitoring tools, and sources that you can use to gather information, but it is important to check them all out and see what works best for yourself. I always do my research before picking one and sticking to it, which is why these four are my top favourite because of my own personal use, and because of the benefits each one has to offer. I would love to hear what your favourite social media monitoring tools and online news outlets are so that I can check them out. Again, feel free to comment in the comments section below!

2 thoughts on “COM0015: Blog Post #1: Tools and Sources

  1. Hi Kira,
    I keep hearing that Twitter is a great source for news; I have got to get on board and get an account. That is one social media outlet I haven’t ventured into yet…I know.. I know I’m pretty late to the game
    Great read 🙂

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