COM0015: Blog Post 4: Thinking Outside of the Box

When it came to new applications in using social media, and learning new ways to do things for me it felt like this was an easier way to do things! I was excited to get started on the new chapter of my social media journey with these new applications. I remember when the program told me about tweetdeck, I loved it because I could schedule tweets for all my accounts in one place. I could make it a part of my schedule to dedicate an hour of my time to do that for all accounts and be good for a week. I wouldn’t have to stop doing what I was doing during the week to tweet a saved draft (that’s what I used to do before tweetdeck, stockpile on tweets and save them in drafts so I could just go back and post them).


Then came in Pocket, I really like using Pocket to read all my articles and to also keep up to date with my favourite bloggers and to only read what I wanted to enjoy reading. I also use Pocket to make a list of videos I eventually want to watch. A lot of the videos I want to watch are longer like the Shane Dawson series and many documentaries catch my eyes as well so I save them for later in Pocket. I really like having Pocket there to catch everything into one place for me to go back to. I always have gone back to YouTube’s watch later section, where I would put those videos before but when it came to blog posts from my favourite bloggers or articles that catch my eye I never had a place to put them together to then read at a later time. So Pocket is a great application for me. I really enjoy it.

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