COM0014 – Blog#5: Khadije the Traveler

Pyramids of Egypt – Photo from National Geographic

Hi folks, this is my fifth blog and today I’m going to share with you my big secret that I wish it would become true soon. I’m that kind of person who enjoys travelling and exploring new places. I’m looking forward to develop this interest into a real matter that will be shared with the people travelling world wild.

What I am looking for specifically is enhancing the Canadian tourism in the Middle East precisely in Egypt, and I think this is rare approach among the thousands of pages and accounts of tourism online. I believe that Egypt has a long, rich and well-known history starting with Pharaohs and Pyramids. In addition to the beautiful magical weather and touristic and historic places. And lets not forget the art of belly dancing that originally started form there. Through out y research I found out that Canadians are very interested on knowing more about Egypt and they would wish to visit it.

 Most of my blog and social media posts will be about different places around the grate Egypt. On a later stage I will start getting my followers with me via contests online so we can tour together and share the experience. I think this is a cool and a special way that would help me to shape my personal branding.

Now, would you be interested to tour with me around Egypt and the Globe? I would love to know places you folks are interested to visit. J

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