COM0014 – Blog#4: B2C and Walmart

Walmart website home page

Welcome back again to the 4th blog post, today we are going to speak about the B2C business transaction method on via the online world, taking the famous grocery store Walmart.

First, let us take a look at the general concept of B2C, which stands for Business to Consumer. Advertising for this kind of transactions is usually made in a very product driven way, quick, flashy, salesy, repetitive and depends on deals and up-sell. The evolvement of the online web helped a lot on this matter, through increasing the outreach to the target audience to convert them to buyers.

Walmart is an interesting example of B2C, where they utilized the social media to promote for their services.  Lets start by the regular social media platforms which is Instagram page, Twitter account and Facebook Page where they promote for their deals and new products, answering the concerns and questions of their customers. Walmart has a mobile application as well, which is an easy to reach the customers and promote faster for their products. They are not done yet, they also have an e-news letter to send out the latest promotions, I think it is a vey effective way to advertise and keep the consumers up to date, and as we know the Canadians rely on the emails so much so it’s a smart way to stay connected with as much as possible, in addition to their website.

What do you folks think, which would be the best way to reach out the consumers of Walmart? How do you hear about the latest promotions from the grocery stores?

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