Online Sprout Social Webinar

Unfortunately, I did not have the resources at this time to actually grab hold of an event running in the last 2 weeks here but I did attend an online webinar instead with one of my favorite sites. The professional online development course entitled, “CMO Fireside Chat: 2019 B2B Social Media Predictions”.  


Why Did I Attend? They have proven that their sources/individuals attending are knowledgable, attending on the reliable source of Sprout social doesn’t hurt either. I am excited to hear four concrete individuals of the industry talk about making sense of complex software and how to form deeper connections with B2B relationships.


Attending the webinar was great, I learned a lot by the end of it and had an interesting time learning how the individuals spoke about using social media. They did a question and answer period in the end but I was too shy to contribute, I did comment on their other communication platform twitter with #SproutWebinar. I would have had a four-way call beforehand with the leaders of the video because they seemed a little out of tune and the experience levels differentiated too much. My interaction obviously ended up being comment conversations but I still learned that even established business owners can always grow no matter how they write, what their profile looks like or who they present themselves as. I did notice that I didn’t learn what they promised me, which was a rundown of how to deal with sophisticated software. So that kinda sucked.


What Did I learn?

  • Social media has changed a ton since the 2000s (distribution use, real-time feedback, ads, clicks), and in 2010 (business to customer focus, early bird coupons, customer connection) they started to move onto the trend that is on the peak right now. Authenticity.
  • Social media does not work as well as it used too because companies use social media more than friends/family do and t is harder to create connections with individuals spread out on so many platforms as well
  • Start a strategy by thinking about how channels will support your overall goals instead of the other way around
  • Top individuals in the industry still do not have a clear definition of R.O.I.
  • Business to business interaction is poor online
  • You need to give recognition via social media to staff, customers or partners because it means more than a verbal congratulations
  • There is software to use that can track what networks people are on
  • The one thing that is unique to share (content), even if it is embarrassing will set you apart


What Idea’s Did It Give Me?

  • Use real people as your actors to get across a transparent company vibe
  • Use a wedding style photo booth to encourage social media pictures at future events. (Include a special talent they have, something excited to speak about)
  • Use Twitter to post directly to customer automated tweet to use the network as a “VIP Newsletter”
  •  Keep an “Idol follow” as well as “Competition” folder
  • Use/ask for video reviews, testimonials, feedback, etc.
  • Interact/comment with (V/B)logs like a classroom, don’t be shy to engage or you can’t be a social media manager


Favorite Quote


“…Amazingly connected to me and like, help me get more excited about the show starting. Which naturally makes me share this content so my audience learns about it.”

Ryan Bonnici

Ryan Bonnici is the Chief Marketing Officer at G2 where he handles the input and output daily (person talking in the first image). I love this quote because he is reminiscing about another business marketing to him and how it made him feel so special while getting him excited about their service. It shows true emotion and coming from somebody in his position, it also demonstrates a level of understanding. To have a fellow chief marketing officer blown away by your marketing tactics is a skill you can hopefully keep providing.

webinar 4

Will I Attend In The Future? 

OH YEAH! I learned so much! I cannot wait to go to a true event, I did get to interact with somebody on twitter and I still got to gain the knowledge I wanted. To shake their hands and the rush of approaching somebody will be a goal for a new day. This helped me get into the groove of social media, taught me new implementation strategies and, new techniques. It also helps me gauge where I am in the professional world, what ideas and perspectives others hold and how creating a community to discuss ideas is very important. It has encouraged me to create my own mini business group with some family members who are interested in working with me in the future. I am hoping to attend an event every two weeks in the future, now I know how long it takes to book and how to be prepared for it.

You should check out their other webinars, what was ONE great idea you had from your online or offline event? Thanks for reading! 😊


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