COM0015 – Blog #4: Out Of The Box: Chat Bots.

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When I started working for Norfolk Dental Hygiene, the extent of my social media experience was my personal Facebook and Instagram account. Norfolk Dental Hygiene (NDH) had an existing Facebook page of which I began to manage. Once I realized how much clients and potential clients used social media to engage in conversation, I added an NDH Instagram, Twitter and Youtube account to our social media portfolio. Over the last few years, the client’s preferred method to contact NDH has become messaging through social media. I chose to take this Social Media course through Algonquin college to help me better understand social media practices and applications to take advantage of this trend.

I think one of the most unexpected applications of using social media for marketing that I discovered through this course is the ability for our Independent Dental Hygiene clinic to use it as a customer service tool. More and more clients are using social media to ask questions, schedule appointments and engage in conversation with us. When we contact a client through their preferred method of communicating we almost always receive an immediate response, phone messages are a thing of the past!

I was most amazed at the use of Facebook Chat Bots by one dental office owned by Dr. Anne O’Donnell. She instituted a client aftercare system called “Care beyond the Chair”. Clients enter a code in Facebook messenger after they leave their appointment that correlates with the treatment they received. They receive scheduled chatbot messages that follow up with them after their treatment. They receive personalized messages that make them feel appreciated and cared for. Depending on their answers they will receive aftercare advice, links to dental hygiene products and a reminder when they are due for appointments. A most brilliant way to use social media! This is definitely something we hope to implement in the future.

I have appreciated all that I have learned during this course. It has definitely improved my social media game and in turn, that of NDH. What was an unexpected application of social media that you discovered in this course?


unknown-1 Out Of The Box: Chat Bots

unknown Out Of The Box: Chat Bots  #socialmediamarketing #customerservice


2 thoughts on “COM0015 – Blog #4: Out Of The Box: Chat Bots.

  1. “When we contact a client through their preferred method of communicating we almost always receive an immediate response, phone messages are a thing of the past!”

    AGREED🙌I do not like to answer the phone, doesn’t matter if it is my mother or my boss from work – I hate it. I also do not like to go out and say hello if I don’t have makeup or a bra on so I avoid my front door too. So when my family wants to get a hold of me, I ask them to send me a FB message – I reply instantly 24/7. They cold knock for days and leave 18 voicemails, it doesn’t matter.

  2. I like the approach NDH is taking.

    If you read articles written decades ago about the future of technology, tech is supposed to make our lives easier freeing up all sorts of time for leisure activities, creative, intellectual and physical pursuits.

    That obviously hasn’t happened. We are frantic all the time, boundaries between work and private life are blurred.

    Asynchronous Communication helps alleviate some of the pressure. I can ask a question when I have time, an expert from NDH can answer later that day and I can read the answer and take action when I get a few minutes.

    It is these small things that improve User Experience and make businesses and organizations more pleasant to deal with.

    My family doctor has no point of contact other than a phone, there is no answering service. It drives me nuts when I have to call over and over to get through. Doctors aren’t the only people with valuable time.

    I wish he would learn something from NDH!

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