COM0014 – Blog #6: Do People Know Your Story?

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Growing up I always strived for perfection and success. I remember being a little girl, strong willed and fierce, never wanting to give up at anything because I didn’t want to be a failure.  My parents, soft, strong and compassionate, always pushed me in the best way possible, without being too hard on me. They had expectations for me but allowed room for me to grow, fall and even fail. They reassured me that it was okay to “fail” because you will learn and grown from your mistakes. I never looked at it that way and still to this age, 29 years old, fear was and is something I always had in the back of my mind sending shivers down my spine whenever I thought of it, as I never wanted to not be great at something. Through the hustle and bustle of life and landing a career that I am doing great at and feel so passionate about, I cant stop thinking about my greatest fear for my business and work over and over again like a never ending song I can’t get out of my head. The words fear and failure imprinted in my mind. My greatest fear for business and work is failure. Failure to not be enough, failure to not make enough, the list goes on. I know this is a fear that we all have and think about from time to time, and I try to remove the negative thought as soon as it comes, but fears are scary and failure is something I’m sure we would all like to avoid. If it does happen, I will remind myself that this a chapter in my life, a lesson worth learning from to build on, and that it’s okay to “fail” every now and then because it will help me learn from my mistakes, and make me stronger and more aware. 

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