COM0015 – Blog #2: Web, Dev. & Design -Weak VS Strong

Website Designers In The Toronto GTA

Website design hasn’t always been in my life, when I was a child I had the internet, floppy disks, and games from cereal boxes. As I grew, social sites like YouTube and email sites like Hotmail made me explore a little further into the online world. Grade eight hit and my mom finally let me have facebook so I could join the rest of my generation and as the years followed; my exploration into other social networks developed massively. I got recognition for the content I posted or shared, had lively conversation in the comments and consistently had a full inbox of eager friends waiting to talk. After meeting a boy with a work at home dad in high school, I got introduced to the world of website design. He is now a well-known friend of the family and has convinced me it is absolutely beneficial to understand how a website plays a role in the digital world. I learned how to set up a website server, WordPress page and configure my search engine properties. For those reasons, I would like to discuss that work at home dads website design company, SilentBlast Inc. and compare it to a competitor site with impressive social network standing. Third Eye Designers (T.E.D.) has a highly followed Facebook compared to the average website design company in the Toronto GTA with 9.7k. I scanned through their social media pages and took notice of the engagement, follower count and rating. Honestly, it was tough to find a competitor that met the same service-related qualities in a similar region. Silent Blast Inc. has a leg up on T.E.D. because they offer marketing videos and higher valued website maintenance whereas the only extra thing T.E.D. can offer is content writing. 


Pixabay via Pexels


Comparative Analysis

✅ Impressive: Third Eye Designers ✅

❌ Adopt: Silent Blast Inc.❌ 


Organization Services Network Pros Cons Overall
Silent Blast Inc.❌ -Graphic Design
-Website Design
-Website Development
-Marketing videos
-Website Maintenance
-Domain registration
Facebook -5-star rating

-Logo/cover theme

-Low follower count for time active

-Services offered, lightly touched and hard to find

-Website uses “home page” redirectory icon as social media button on the website
-Google plus is no longer a valid network
-Spread too thin on too many, inactive social media sites 
**(UNMENTIONED:FLICKR PRESENCE. Outdated, no logo, no brand identity, no content, 1.8K views)**
-Mentions found online included a blog article 

-No campaigns

LinkedIn -38 subs -NAME spelled wrong on profile

-No recent posting activity or updates

-Personal profile holds business info(endorse,recomm.)

Twitter -Thank you posts for retweeting followers -2017, 2015 posts

-Low uploaded content

Youtube -2 subs -No about or info input

-only 5 videos, short (16 sec)

-Broken playlist with missing vid

-No info on company itself

Instagram -77 followers

-Good content posted: employees, events, authentic

-Need stronger descriptions

-More focussed and business-oriented hashtags

T.E.D. (Third Eye Designers) ✅ -Graphic Design
-Website Design
-Website Development
-Content Writing
-Website Maintenance
-Domain registration
Facebook -5-star rating


-Engaging posts: Event coverage, portfolio projects & helpful infographics

-Group involvement

-attached Pinterest/G+ profiles

-Unanswered questions from visitors -The logo is outdated and needs a tune-up
-All company information seems to be mixed with religion and other niches
-Website is crowded with information and hard to find social media buttons at the footer
-Content should be regulated and executed as such
-No campaigns or “backpacked” hashtags
Twitter -Link to FB messenger

-Sharing B2B content

-High content

-Updated posts

-Cover w/services

-Mixed/un-niched content posts
Youtube -Services in the cover photo

-services in video

-38 subs

-Filled out “about”

-broken playlist

-mixed content

-No comments

Pinterest -Event postings

-Portfolio board

-Tips for services provided by the company

-Company infographics

-Empty boards displayed

-Low monthly view (Need to post more)

-No description on pins

Overall Analysis w/Quick Plan

As much as I loved comparing these two website design and developing companies, I found it more and more difficult to stand up for my “impressive” option. Third Eye Designers have a known social media presence, they have a medium-high follower count with a very low mention account for the networks it is involved in. I would suggest they work on their search engine optimization, create youtube videos that are more engaging, add linked into their social media networks and become involved online vocally and actively (responding to questions, comments, and/or posting Vlogs). They had joined a group called, “How to post” which is obviously not a proud group to be seen in considering their corner of expertise. I was a little upset to learn that neither T.E.D. or Silent Blast Inc. had any trace of online campaign work for the amount of time they have been active on social media or since the account creation date. My most impressive company didn’t seem too impressive after all without a LinkedIn profile but I was so happy I was able to conduct my research thoroughly enough to catch the cons hidden at play. 

Now it’s time to turn to my adoptive company, Silent Blast Inc. who has created accounts


Pixabay via Pexels

on multiple networks with little or no interaction. I would start by fixing some red light issues like the wrong name on your linked in profile, inactive/public profiles (Flickr) and content currently active with no description to say it is part of evolving the company. Then I would move onto some yellow light issues, which run along the lines of optimizing your current profiles, eliminating ones you don’t need, and hashtag keywords. Then we would move forward onto our green light issues of creating appropriate content, embedding a social media strategy w/focussed goals as well as linking together website and network to establish an appropriate theme across the board. Both of these companies could use an “insider look” into their companies with on the floor staff, recorded event attendance, trending/organized content (live videos, audience-focused), online marketing and a general facelift and creative inspiration. 





2 thoughts on “COM0015 – Blog #2: Web, Dev. & Design -Weak VS Strong

  1. I definitely agree that website design is the future of the world. All websites will need a stunning website for their customers to go on to purchase the businesses products or services. You always have to follow to trend in business and technology, and if you fall behind new technology can for sure put you out of business.

    • Thanks for your comment! I am glad you agree with my perspective, engaging websites hit home for me as I can get stuck somewhere I don’t even have a use for JUST because of a interactive widget! I have so much fun! 🤣

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