The FabFitFun Brand: Mastering the Social Media Art

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From personal experience and as a young marketer, a great brand to me means a brand that is engaging, relevant, cool, fun, continuously evolving, truthful and that takes its social and environmental responsibility seriously. Of course, this is the definition of a really good brand today, in the era of millennials, Global warming, Globalization and wide spread inequality, the Internet and social media. Many would think that these things have made branding easier; however, if that was the case, we would have not had so many brands out there who are still tuning in and struggling to find their voice and ‘social’ persona, wouldn’t we?

So, for this blog post, I wanted to focus on a brand that is really mastering the art of social media, in my opinion: The FabFitFun brand! You may have heard of them or not – they are the company that sends boxes to their customers full of cool stuff, that supposedly will make you look Fabulous and Fit and will bring you some FUN! The real fun (or not!) is that you have no clue what’s in the box, until you receive it; so imagine the anticipation and trepidation people experience while waiting for their next box of goodies to arrive! Initially, I could not understand what the fascination with this FabFitFun boxed-mania is; it was challenging for me to grasp the idea that I would spend $80 or so for something I might not need, know, or even want! But, right from the beginning, the FabFitFun brand ensured to hook us all up, by skillfully using rich, engaging and very real-life content on social media to make it look like the most natural, super cool and trendy thing in the world: they started coming up with these very personal, unique, do-it-yourself kind of videos of their clients who have just received at home The Box, and the whole opening experience right on a display for the world to consume! They were a hit from the start! Even I got curious and watched till the end to ensure I didn’t miss on any of the items that were in the Summer box. Not much longer after that, my girlfriend told me she is entitled to ‘gift’ a box to a friend, so she shared it with me, and here I am, a few weeks later awaiting my very first box! Another smart move for FabFitFun brand to entice new box-lovers by giving each of the existing ones the power to spread the ‘fabulous’ goodness! Smart… very smart!

Fortunately for my bank account and unfortunately for FabFitFun brand, I cancelled my subscription after the second box, as I found the boxes had a lot of make-up, which I tend to sparingly use, therefore the content was not much relevant for me after all. I continued to keep an eye on the brand though, as it’s so alive and colorful and engaging… aren’t we all drowned to brands like that, after all? They are so easy to like and follow… even if you are not on Facebook. Lucky for them, I am and after some time, here they are again, on my feed: this time they have partnered with one of the greatest beauty queens of our time, Eva Longoria, which almost made me renew my box subscription right then and there. The big fan of Eva that I am, but guess what: not only they’ve partnered with her to promote their lifestyle and beauty products and accessories, but also with Eva Longoria Foundation, whose goal is to “help Latinas build better futures for themselves and their families through education and entrepreneurship” (Facebook page’ link HERE)! So, now, they are not just a ‘pretty face’ but they have actually committed to spread goodness and happiness around the world, by using the wide social media channels’ reach, to promote the causes of various foundations!

So, as they continued to evolve, they ‘discovered’ their brand voice, by heavily engaging and using social media platforms from Instagram to Pinterest, which now speaks the universal language of love, kindness, compassion and inner peace and beauty! They are not just the cool looking kid anymore, but position themselves as leaders and game-changers! The on-line experience ranges from cool life-experience photos of happy and healthy people, to rich content videos, engaging FabFitFan app, trendy e-mail promos, their own magazine and video content! In their own words:

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“It was important to bring life to the brand’s social media and marketing channels. From our first photo shoot with only a pineapple, model and a summer box at the beach, we started using models as a main way to convey how FabFitFun box product could be used in real life.” (Source: FabFitFun’s brand evolution’ article.)

This is one of my favorite brands and their evolution on finding their personality and voice; I am curious to learn about your favorite brand: why it is your favorite? What draw you initially to it? What evolution have they gone through that makes a difference in the world? Please, share your comments with me, below! Thanks for reading!

What are your favorite brands you engage regularly on social media? Why? What do they do differently that inspire you to follow them?

What is your favorite brand and why?

One thought on “The FabFitFun Brand: Mastering the Social Media Art

  1. Hello,

    I have definitely heard of Fab Fit Fun and have been a subscriber before. I loved the concept and idea behind their brand and felt that they had a really good marketing strategy and made it very appealing, which is what lead me to purchase. They also had tons of celebrities that would advertise the box and go through all of the items, which is what also made it very appealing! Needless to say, they were killing the marketing game! I felt that they had really great, priced items in the box and that you did get your “bang for your buck.” However, I found that I never really used ALL of the products so for me, the monthly subscription was not worth it and so I cancelled. I really do like that they are starting to do some good and spread awareness of issues that are in our world right now. They have a huge platform and it is great to know that they are using their voice to do some good!

    Great blog post!!


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