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I have been considering closing my social media accounts for some time now; each time I deliberate whether to do it or not, while mentally listing all the reasons why I should close them once and for all and never look back. I am not sure about you, but my main reasons typically involve the facts that social media is highly addictive, anti-social, impersonal, commercialized, depressive and pretensions; it also distracts us from the reality we live in, allowing us to 1. pretend to be whomever we imagine or want to be, not who we really are and 2. withdraw in this make-believe world of success stories, pink skies and rainbows, rather than facing the row truth about people and the world as a whole. Think about it: we are only supposed to post happy and joyful and successful moments of our lives; to be careful not to offend anyone or dramatically oppose others’ political or religious views; and to never show our true selves, especially when sad, mad, disappointed, aggravated, disturbed, and annoyed… and, everyone on social media knows to do the same, so the sad reality is that we are dishonest and pretentious, most of the time, if not all the time! So what good brings this to the world?

BUT, and yes, that is a very big ‘but’, social media, when used mindfully and thoughtfully, can enable us to live our dreams and passions and potentially to inspire others to do the same too, instead of mindlessly using it to waste time, to gossip, to pretend and to hide from the truth. So, every time I consider closing my accounts, I think of that and the good I am able to spread in the world if I don’t, and I opt to keep them for a little longer. This is how my Yoga-Ayurveda Facebook page (YogAyu – ‘Yogic Life’: ) was born too – instead of simply reposting other yogis and spiritual teachers’ inspirational content on my personal page, I decided to create a page that will educate people about yoga and its sister science, Ayurveda (more about these two in a following blog post), AND encourage and inspire them to live healthy, mindfully and happily!

Source: personal library – trip to India (2017)

Yoga and now Ayurveda have become my greatest passions and teaching and sharing their ancient wisdom from 5,000+ years ago brings me the most joy and personal satisfaction. On this Facebook page and through my weekly yoga classes, I try to inspire my followers and students to live the best versions of themselves, to be loving and kind and compassionate and offer them simple solutions for mindful, not mindless and fulfilled existence, one where we are in tune with our deeper selves, with our bodies, feelings, minds and emotions. My goal is to encourage self-reference, observation and presence: continuous and flawless connection with this moment, here and now… totally the opposite of what social media often promotes: absentmindedness and distraction from reality. Ultimately, more and more people will discover their true calling and purpose in life, something they are head over hills passionate about that they can share with others… at the end of the day, I believe that was the real intention behind the phenomenon of social media: to connect our personal stories and experiences, through which we can transform each other and the whole the world around us becoming a better, more kind, loving, pure and authentic place! Can we achieve this goal; do you think? What is your passion you’d like to share with the rest of the world that will profoundly and authentically change it? Looking forward to hearing from you. Namaste!

2 thoughts on “How Social Media Enables Us to Live Our Passions – COM0011

  1. Hello,

    Beautiful blog post! I have also considered closing down my social media accounts as I find them to be a big distraction. Sometimes I question my will power and whether or not I am enabling myself by not being able to limit my time on social media. This is a goal that I am continuously working on as social media can be quite a big disruption in my personal and work life.

    I really enjoy the personal page you created. It is inspirational, empowering, mindful as well as knowledgeable. With this page that you created, I feel like you are doing good which is amazing. You are spreading love, light and positivity into the world, which is what we all need more of.

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. hi Kira,
    yep, that’s exactly how I feel at times… what a waste this is all the time we spend on social media; there are so many things I want and enjoy doing and sometimes I get completely paralyzed in front of the computer, captivated by stories that I don’t really even care or feel indifferent.

    Oh, thank you, this is very nice and kind of you… I try. I haven’t been very active lately on that page, as life suddenly got very busy, professionally and personally, but this course is definitely giving me the tools and motivation to keep it up, for the overall good of others. Thank you for the support and encouragement, means a lot!

    Best wishes,

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