Blog #3: Target Audiences

Getting Ready for Etsy

For a little over a year now, I have been preparing, researching, buying and creating to open my business on Etsy. I have been very apprehensive about starting my Etsy shop without having all my ducks in a row and feeling like I am prepared. One way I have been developing is by taking this social media certificate program at Algonquin College to get a little edge over the competition.

My Company

The company I plan to launch in the coming months entirely is a vinyl and heat transfer decal shop offering custom onesies and t-shirts for toddlers and kids. Eventually, I will add more items, such as makeup bags, mugs, throw pillows, totes, and wine glasses. Aside from taking pictures of my products, which in my opinion is one of the most critical aspects of marketing, I am just about ready. The final step will be choosing my marketing strategy, which brings me to determining my target audience.

My Target Audience

My key demographic are new parents, new moms specifically, and who are, for the most part, Millennial moms. Millennials are rare in that they discovered modern media as it was developing. They grew up as modern media grew up, and are therefore very invested in it. A millennial mother is a mom who fits this millennial category. According to a study conducted by Goldman-Sachs, first-time mothers are closer to 30 than ever before, and the average is climbing slightly every year.

According to Adweek, nearly 80% of millennial mothers cite safety as a top priority, higher than value or price. Additionally, just under 50% of millennial moms list the use of wholesome ingredients as a key deciding factor when comparing brands. The de-emphasis on price and the raised emphasis on quality is also indicated by the use of coupons, which is done by around 65% of this group. Millennial Moms believe that advertisers don’t understand their needs; therefore, they trust word of mouth and recommendations from other moms over advertisements. Reaching out to bloggers, creating campaigns that add extra value to these moms, rather than just talking at them is a key that marketers can’t avoid.

The Strategy

Millennial moms love recipes; Millennials are sometimes referred to as the “foodie generation.” Seventy-six percent of Millennials say they like to cook, and 89 percent want to get better at cooking. They enjoy reading about tips and tricks; they trust content from other moms and are highly engaged with parenting communities according to comScore and blogs such as CafeMom, BabyCenter and PopSugar.

I would build a strategy around this info, for my product content, I would highlight the quality of my vinyl and diaper-shirts and if it was made with natural ingredients. For non-related to product content, I would post recipes and tip and tricks to my social media pages such as Facebook and Pinterest. Millennial moms connect with imagery and find that imagery centered on the family or the baby captures more of her attention, so I will make sure to include people in my product images and not just the product.


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