Assignment #1, Blog #1


My family of 6, including my husband, four kids, Parker, 17, Haylee, 13, Avery, 9 and Hudson, 21 months traveled to Magnetawan, Ontario recently for some much needed R&R. Let me start by saying, I had a lesson on how to pronounce Magnetawan by friends and family when I would try and explain to them where we were headed to for our vacation. I was not saying it right or anywhere near how it should sound. So here’s my quick lesson for you on how to pronounce Magnetawan. It’s pronounced Magnet-a-jaun. Magnet-a-juan is centrally located between Huntsville, North Bay and Parry Sound in the Almaguin Highlands Region. Commonly known as the “Northern Muskoka region,” Almaguin Highlands offers impressive amounts of natural scenery, space, outdoor activities, and the community feel.

R&R with Four kids is not actual R&R

We rented a cottage on the shores of Whalley Lake, and it was BEAUTIFUL! It had all the amenities one could want in a cottage – beach, dock, deck, BBQ, a canoe, kayaks, paddleboards, firepit a paddleboat and fishing equipment. There was so much for the kids to do. In a nutshell, the kids spent our vacation on the beach, in the water, fishing or just hanging out. Me, on the other, spent my holiday, cooking, cleaning, keeping sand out of my 21-month-old mouth and picking all things in arms reach up so he wouldn’t break them. But, that’s life as a mom, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Would I recommend this vacation spot?

Yes, yes, I would. Aside from the numerous bugs and let me tell you there were tons of bugs, it was great. The water was so warm and inviting, the fish were biting, the nearest grocery store was only 20 minutes away, general store 5 minutes away, and the kids were happy.

One thought on “Assignment #1, Blog #1

  1. Hello,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post. As soon as you said “Magnetawan” I said it out loud wondering how it was pronounced myself so I am glad you gave me the proper way to say it as I was saying it wrong. What a beautiful vacation spot!! Surrounded by trees, nature and water is my kind of place! I can only imagine how busy you were with the four kids but what a wonderful getaway for the 6 of you. I’m sure you have lots of memories from that getaway! I have a cottage up in the Minden, Ontario area and the bugs have been so bad this time of year so I know what you mean about all the bugs. I hope you lathered on the bug spray in hopes that they wouldn’t bite you!
    Do you and your family go away every summer?
    I’ll definitely be looking in to Whalley Lake as it sounds so peaceful and relaxing which is my cup of tea!! Great pictures!

    Thanks ☺


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