COM0014 – Blog #3: Makeup and the Beauty of “Huda”

This is me Khadije Taha coming back to you on my 3rd blog, today I we are going to dive in the world of makeup industry and how its becoming a deal winning industry and a source of income worldwide. Taking the Iraqi Makeup Artist, blogger whom turned out to be a businesswoman “Huda Kattan” who owns the well-known makeup brand “HudaBeauty”.  Focusing on the smart strategies used by her to attract the targeted audience. She understood the game and was able to satisfy the needs of her audience.

A screenshot of HudaBeauty website

To begin with, it’s obvious that the demographic and psychographic characteristics for her target audiences are ladies who are trendy, able to afford getting her products and interested on makeup and “beauty”. She used a very smart way to grow her audience in the west and east by sharing the makeup video tutorials of different ladies of other social media influencers applying their makeup using her own brand. I think this undergoes of sharing the customer experience. Secondly, she used the strategy of having contest for the followers where the winners could get free makeup products. And guess how those contests are done! By mentioning some other friends to follow click and chick out the product X. Another thing is that se responds to most of her audience questions and inquires, which would defiantly build a strong respectful relationship. In the middle of those commercial posts you could see the some family/personal-life related posts just to avoid being salesy.

Lastly, you may visit her on tweetdeck, and lets see if we share the same thoughts. OR if you have some other examples I would love to hear about them.

3 thoughts on “COM0014 – Blog #3: Makeup and the Beauty of “Huda”

  1. Hi Khadije,

    I love that your blog post is about the world of makeup as I feel like this industry is constantly evolving with new products, techniques and much more. I am definitely familiar with Huda beauty, as I have seen their advertisements and beauty products through some of the social media influencers I follow on Instagram, however I have never used their products personally. Have you?

    I love when makeup artists show video tutorials because I feel like it’s a really nice personal touch. It allows you to see the products they are using and how they are used which is what makes someone like myself want to buy the product. It’s great marketing in my opinion! The fact that she responds to her audience personally and answers questions is very beneficial for her brands reputation as it shows her care and compassion for her followers and also shows that she cares about what they are saying and is listening.

    Great blog post!!


    • Hello Kira,
      Thank you for your response.
      Yes, you are absolutely right, and this is kind of a smart indirect way to advertise for her products by using the makeup artists and normal people platforms. And yes I have used the liquid matt lipgloss I think its good :).

      Thank you so much Kira.


      • Hi Khadije,

        Thanks for getting back to me! I will definitely have to check out the liquid matt lipgloss. Thank you for the recommendation 🙂 She sounds like she is a very smart business woman and cares a lot about her buyers which I think is so important!

        – Kira

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