COM0014- Blog #3- Finding Your Audience Just Like The Movie Theatre Franchise Did!

When it comes to blogging and your intended purpose, it is important to first think of the audience that you are attracting. Whether it be intended for men, women or children, it is important to first start off with a target audience in mind to ensure that your brand, blog or company is able to reach it’s audience and most importantly know who their audience is.

A personal hobby of mine that I thoroughly enjoy is a night out at the movie theatre, watching the latest flick with some buttery popcorn in hand. When I think of Cineplex Odeon, a huge movie theatre franchise, I think of the target audience in mind that they have in place, which is everyone. They cater to families, elderly people, adults, teenagers and young children. Every one is welcome because there is something for every single person. Of course, the movie genres cater to your own personal liking; however, their overall marketing strategy is to welcome all with open arms because they know tickets will sell fast because they are catering to all. I strongly believe that when your target audience is all age groups you can have great success because it attracts all people which is great for your brand because it gets you recognized and also shows that you are focusing on equality as well which is so important. Everyone wants to be treated equally so by having a target audience generalized to all, everyone feels included which is a win, win in my opinion!

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

I believe there are many characteristics to consider in regards to the audience of the movie theatre franchise. For starters, location is very important. Movie theatres are all over nowadays and so convenient for people to get to so they are making it very appealing for people to just hop in their car and head on over for a date night at the movie theatre because of how many locations they have to offer. Another characteristic is age and gender, which they are also nailing because again, anyone can go to the movie theatres because of how inclusive their target audience is. Another characteristic that I believe is a work in process is the cost of going to the movies. Going to the movies with a family of four and including popcorn and drinks for every one is not cheap. However, on Tuesdays they offer half off your ticket and offer 10% off everything if you sign up for their free Scene Card, which gains points and can earn you free movies. I believe that is a characteristic they are consciously thinking about and working on so that they can provide affordability to all. 

The movie theatre franchise is constantly expanding, growing and gathering more and more tools for their toolbox. I believe they have a strong target audience with many ideas in mind to ensure they keep satisfying customers, like myself to keep on coming back! I’m curious to hear what your thoughts are on this matter. Are you an avid movie lover like myself? Do you find the movie theatre to be a place where everyone is included? Please feel free to comment in the comment section below as I would love to hear your thoughts!

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