Death of a Salesman and other Dinosaurs, in other words why I’m here.

Dustin Hoffman as Willy Loman in the 1985 Film “Death of a Salesman”

Oh Social Media. How I love/hate thee! One moment you’re seducing me with advertisements for straighter teeth, sapping my time with pictures of friends on vacation, and allowing me to creep my ex through their social media accounts. The next you’re befuddling me, making me feel like a dinosaur, and causing the extinction of my 20 year career. You are such a drama queen social media!

But sales, as a discipline, is growing and is beginning to increase in stature. We are morphing it into something more palatable to the increasingly sophisticated buyers we have become.”

Bianchi, Claudine. 2015. “Death of the Salesman? And What Would That Mean for Marketers?”

For the past five years, I’ve had a tough road on the career path. Big companies, like the pharmaceutical giants I have worked for in the past, are slashing their salesforce. The reasons are many and varied but boil down to this mainly: Why equip a group of humans with expensive cards, computers and phones to deliver a marketing message to a healthcare professional, when so many platforms can engage said healthcare professional in much more efficient way?

Why indeed.

Last friday yet another work contract for me ended. The market is becoming flooded with third party companies that cater to the pharmaceutical biz by supplying sales professionals for short and long-term programs or initiatives at a fraction of the cost, and no guarantee of full-time work.

Do you see drug prices decreasing?

But enough about my past life. Let’s talk about “the now.” I am here to learn how to survive. I have seen the light! And within its warm, happy glow is me working for myself in my own business creating content and helping others manage their social media platforms.

Columnist Claudine Bianchi sees a blurring of marketing and sales as engagement becomes a priority.

Ms. Bianchi in her article sees that engagement of consumers is still a key fundamental to closing a sale. Formerly, it was my job.

The buyer’s journey is entirely different since online purchasing was made possible. Here is her take on “The Buyers Journey.”

The New Buyer's Journey
Bianchi, Claudine. 2015. “Death of the Salesman? And What Would That Mean for Marketers?”

She says “sales has to understand the customer— their business, their pain points, their motivations for purchasing in the first place. Sales becomes an enabler of engagement, managing the conversation but not the journey.” (Bianchi, 2015).

I agree wholeheartedly, and I see styles changing in the face-to-face world of sales. Health Care Practitioners have either already bought into, or rejected my product based on what they’ve learned online. I essentially manage the literal conversation in a doctor’s office. Wish me luck on an entirely new mode!

How the hell did I get here?

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