Blog #1 – Opinion peace on Social Media: 3 Reasons Why I Still Love Social Media

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When I googled the question ‘social media: a good or a bad thing?’, there were exactly 1,290,000,000 results found; obviously, this is a very hot topic, with lots of opinions in the online space. Although, I agree with most if not all of social media negative effects, I believe there are lots of positive ones as well and above all, I believe social media has the potential to do good and to be used for good! As I was saying in my previous blog post, social media has a transformative nature and it changed forever the way we communicate between each other, exchange information, share thoughts, ideas and daily experiences. It provides a platform that shrank the world, making it possible to communicate with people on the other side of the planet with whom we share a hobby, a cause or a passion.

But, social media is much more than a networking tool: it can and should be used more broadly for global causes to initiate change and transformation, especially in areas such as religious tolerance, political dogma, economic injustice, spiritual growth and transformation and the protection of the animals and the environment, among other things. If nothing else, social media gives each and every one of us a voice, a power to express our opinions, to raise issues of national and global importance, to be the agents of change towards a more peaceful and happy world. Maybe I am too naïve, maybe it’s the yogi in me that wants to believe we can change the world through yoga and meditation, or maybe I am just blind or ignorant to the evil that social media is being used for, such as cyberbullying, body image slamming, reinforcing anxiety and depression in young people, or becoming a severe addiction, to name a few (Source: 7 Negative Effect of Social Media on People and Users, yet, it is my believe and conviction that we can change all that for the better. Here are my top reasons why I still love social media: v

1. It broadens our vision, allowing us to experience grieve, destruction, and desperation on a very personal and intimate level: social media brings to us the stories of tsunamis and earthquakes, abused animals, the dire picture of extinct species or destroyed jungles, sick and homeless people and much more. As long as we don’t take a back seat and passively observe the suffering of others, social media has the power to begin and transform this suffering around the globe!

Our Planet: Edible paper can help safe the bees (video):

2. It connects us to total strangers, literally, allowing us to influence them, inspire them, motivate them, and even transform them; this is my personal goal with my own Facebook page and social media presence: to show people how they can live a little more mindful and joyful lives, which does not involve money, career, and belongings. How empowering is it to practice yoga on Parliament Hill together with thousands of other aspirants! Amazing feeling!

Source: Parliament Hill Yoga Community Facebook page:

3. It enables us to take action right the way: Social Media is a tool that not only empowers us to express our opinions, to be vocal and to speak up, but also enables us to take action, to get engaged, to initiate shifts in how other people think, behave and live; I have a thing for wild animals, especially raccoons, and use every opportunity to promote their wellbeing through my social media channels or to donate money when they need financial support. Hopefully, others will follow suite and support the cause too!

Source: Hope For Wildlife Charitable Organization’ Facebook Page:

If tomorrow, one more person or one more corporation embraces a more inclusive, tolerant, kind and mindful approach to the use of social media, we will be a step forward on the journey of universal transformation, for the good of all living creatures on this planet. Indeed, this is my dire hope and personal drive, that motivates me to continue my practice, to teach and inspire others to find that corner of their hearts that can open up to all possibilities and embrace it with loving kindness, tenderness and compassion. Do you think this is doable? Can we transform the way we use social media, to be good and to do good? I would love to hear from you, even if you have completely different or opposite views on social media usage. Thanks for reading!

Can we use social media to transform ourselves and others to be good and do more good in the world? Time to look deeper in our own online habits.

Can we transform the world through social media? Who knows! #socialmediagoodorbad

4 thoughts on “Blog #1 – Opinion peace on Social Media: 3 Reasons Why I Still Love Social Media

  1. Hello,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I believe social media can be used to create awareness and promote change by highlighting issues that need extra love and attention. I really enjoy blogs that are honest, relatable and real all while promoting positivity. I appreciate a heartfelt message about a worldly matter over a blog trying to sell their products to me any day. It is so important to create an outlet for people to encourage them to use their voices for the greater good and talk about important topics. I strongly believe that yes, we can use social media to do good. We can talk about important issues because it helps to open the lines of communication and shed light on issues that are going on in the world that are more important then the latest makeup or clothing trend. It can be bigger and better if people open their minds to the idea that social media is more then just a place of pictures, home décor, travel and relationships, but a safe place where we can seek refuge from others for comfort. Social media allows us to have a platform and it is important to ask ourselves what we would use our platform for and how it can help others around the world. You touched base on being an animal lover and I am right there with you. My love for animals is so huge and it breaks my heart seeing photos of animals suffering or losing their homes or being mistreated. I have donated to the Exuma Humane Society in Bahamas because they are constantly lacking the funds for care, vet bills and medicine and they have so many stray potcake dogs. A little can go a long way and it is always nice helping a cause that really needs it! I think it is amazing and so wonderful that you use social media to talk about this issue and donate when you can.

    Thanks again for a great post!


    • hi Kira,
      thanks so much for your feedback on my blog; I am very happy you liked it and enjoyed reading it.
      Wow, we have so much in common, I am like that too… animals break my heart and I get very sad and flustered and angry when I see them suffer, or being abused. I have donated a bunch of times now to Humane society International… they posts these sad, sad photos of abused dogs in China or elsewhere, or plead for help, when they find dog prisons; it breaks my heart. I have two puppies at home and sometimes I tell them how fortunate they are… they are taken care of and above all, so much loved, when these dogs know no love or affection.
      I feel that humans are strong and can fight and speak up for their rights, but animals… they are so naïve and kind, and can’t foresee the bad coming their way, so we must protect them in any way we can. I feel social media is one place where we can do so much more… and a single donation these days takes seconds.

      Thanks again for your comment.


      • Hi Mariya,

        We definitely have a lot in common and I am so happy to hear that you are an animal lover just like me. I have always felt connected to animals. There is something so calming and innocent about them. You mention the animals that were abused in China and I believe it was for a dog meat festival. It is so cruel and disgusting. It breaks my heart thinking about the suffering those sweet animals went through. It’s devastating and heartbreaking. What kind of puppies do you have? I have two as well and they are both golden doodles. I really do agree with every thing you said. As humans we do have the power to speak up and create awareness about the brutalities that animals face in the world.

        Thanks again 🙂


  2. I love social media for all of those reasons too. And because social media can turn any underdog into a STAR! (Matt Bellessai is one of my favourites—

    I’m a bit of a facebook addict and just established a twitter account for the purpose of this class. (Not gonna lie, Twitter befuddles me). But I am very conscious of what I post and re-post. I am a certified animal foster for a registered wildlife rehab and use my facebook account to spread public service information about orphaned and injured critters. So much so, that I am constantly getting private messages asking for advice! (Someday I will become a rehabber too!). I had not thought before that my posts were making an impact on my facebook acquaintances, but there you have it!

    John Cleese of Monty Python fames says that we are doomed as a species because of “selection bias.” That being, humans gravitate towards the causes, organisations, and people that agree with, or espouse our same opinions and beliefs. (In contrast to being completely objective).

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